Jet’s Pizza is a pizza chain based in Michigan. They specialize in square pizza, more commonly known as “Detroit style pizza.” The pizza is typically square shaped, deep dish, thick and with a dark, crispy crust. Jet’s is popularly known for its square “Detroit style” pizza, but also sells a variety of other pizzas including standard round pizza, thin crust, and a variety of sides including salad, bread sticks, dessert pizzas, sub sandwiches, chicken wings and a variety of other selections.

Jet’s currently has locations in 11 states. Their headquarters are located in Sterling Heights, MI. Their website keeps up to date with cities and states that are adding new locations, as well as locations that have opened within the past few months. Customers who do not have a store nearby can check the website to keep track of whether or not they will have one coming soon to their area.

Jet’s recently added the benefit of online ordering on their website. Select stores allow customers to place an order online to be picked up in-store or delivered if they live within a specific radius. They plan to expand this feature to all stores within the next several months.

Jet’s is well known for their variety of specialty pizzas. Some of their specialty pizzas include barbeque chicken, BLT, chicken parmesan, all meat, all veggie, and even a new 8 corner pizza that gives each slice two sides of the unique crispy crust that keeps so many customers coming back. They also have a variety of flavored crust options including butter, parmesan, garlic, cajun, and several others.

One of the most popular way for customers to save money on Jet’s Pizza is to take advantage of the combination meals and deals they always have. Customers who live nearby a Jet’s usually receive coupons advertising these deals in their local newspaper, or can even go into a Jet’s store and find a coupon insert on the counter. These coupon inserts advertise deals that cater to all customers and families and groups of all sizes. Some coupons allow customers to get a large 2 topping pizza, their choice of a large salad or order of breadsticks, and a 2 liter of soda. There are also deals available with one pizza for the “adults” and one pizza for the “children,” or deals available for large parties. Jet’s makes a variety of party tray pizzas that can be made to accommodate a large group of people.

Jet’s does not have many coupons available outside of their store and inserts provided in local newspapers. There is also a section on their website that allows customers to choose a store and pull up any available coupons. The site will show any coupons that are available for that store and display the same coupons and deals that are provided in the local paper. This is convenient for customers who do not receive a newspaper or are not nearby a store to go in and check out what they have to offer.

These coupons and deals are some of the only coupons Jet’s Pizza has available for customers. The store tends to keep some coupons around for several years, as they are signature meal deals that many customers prefer whenever ordering Jet’s Pizza. Other coupons will be featured for a short period of time to advertise new products or promote new store openings.

The benefit about these coupons and deals provided by Jet’s Pizza is that customers do not need to present the coupon when they pick up their order or have it delivered. Many times, customers can call into a store and let them know what they want, and the employees will inform customers of any deals they have going on that may save them money while still giving them what they’re looking for. Jet’s Pizza stores are always looking for ways to save customers money and give them quality pizza that keeps them coming back.