Infant formula is an adequate nutritional food for babies under six months of age who are not breastfed. Infant formula contains either milk or soy protein, and other nutrients compatible with breast milk. It is suitable for healthy development. Regardless of the brand of infant formula, the Food and Drug Administration regulates the nutritional content, so families can be assured that even if they use an infant formula that costs less than the brand names, the product has met FDA guidelines for nutrient density. Parents or guardians who purchase infant formula should always check the expiration date on the package and only buy formula from approved, reputable suppliers like grocery stores. Purchasing infant formula at flea markets or swap meets can put young children at risk. These products could be out of date and may be produced someplace where manufacturing processes do not meet FDA guidelines. A pediatrician will usually prescribe a specific infant formula for a baby.

Infant formula should be given to a baby according to the instructions that accompany the container. Failing to mix dry formula powder as instructed can result in underfeeding or overfeeding. For example, adding to much water to dry formula can yield a watered down product that will result in underfeeding an infant. Dry formula that has been mixed with water should be handled like any other food that can spoil.

Baby formula coupon codes are plentiful

Parents seeking a good deal on infant formula can usually find coupons that will help lower the purchase price of the product. Some popular name brand infant formulas include Enfamil, Similac and Gerber Good Start. Of course there are other good private label formulas that have equal nutritional value. Infant formula coupons can be found one websites like, and There are also special offers available on the Enfamil website, Enfamil Family Beginnings. This is an excellent site with information about formula and other products. Consumers can sign up to receive special offers for discounts on baby formula and other items. When parents sign up for the program they receive a gift package of information along with infant formula coupons. Families receive coupons monthly after signing up on this site. Early on the infant formula coupons are for higher values like $5 and $10 off, but as time goes on the coupons received are of lower values.

Gerber Good Start coupons are available at Like the Enfamil site, parents can sign up on this website to receive helpful information and special offers and coupons for Gerber Good Start formula. contains information about Similac infant formula. This site contains educational information for expectant and new parents, as well as a place to sign up to receive special offers including discounts and infant formula coupons for Similac products.

The Women Infants and Children Program

The Women Infants and Children Program provides infant formula for babies who have been deemed by a health professional to be at nutritional risk. This program serves limited resource families who must meet Federal income guidelines for participation. The WIC program does not provide infant formula coupons, but mothers of infants receive formula for their babies at no charge. The WIC program is administered by local health departments, clinics, hospitals, and other community agencies. Those who wish to participate must apply. Local health departments will know who administers WIC programs in their areas. Calling the local health department first is the best way to find out where to go to apply.

Other sources of infant formula deals & promotional discounts

There are magazines that often include infant formula coupons as part of advertisements for formula. Pediatricians and other medical professionals usually have coupons for infant formula on hand. Some of these coupons come in as part of an advertising packets provided to expectant and new mothers. It is a good idea to ask a Pediatrician if they have samples of formula. Sample packages are usually smaller and are designed to get parents to used the product. However, these sample packages usually contain some very generous
infant formula coupons that will encourage parents to purchase particular brands.

Local & online coupon exchanges

Starting a coupon swap or exchange group is a great idea for new mothers. Swapping infant formula coupons between moms makes sense. Family members, friends at work, church members and anyone who knows a family with a new baby can get in on the fun of collecting infant formula coupons.