Iams Logo.Iams was founded in 1946 by animal nutritionist Paul Iams. The company was founded in Dayton, OH. It began in a small mill feed. Iams was originally a Business-to-Business Company but has grown to include retailers all over North America. It was originally only available to veterinarians, breeders, and specialty food stores. Proctor and Gamble bought the company from Iams in September, 1999.

The company works with several shelters and animal rescue organizations to find homes for animals. Their program, Home for the Holidays, is considered one of world’s most successful adoption initiatives. However, Iams works throughout the year to find homes for 1.5 million pets. The company also has an initiative to help feed the enormous pet population found in shelters.

Although Iams has three brand groups, only two are available through retailers. The two groups available at grocery store chains and other retailers are Iams Dog and Cat Foods and Eukanuba Dog and Cat Foods. The web site has an option to compare brands and diet types for each family pet.

Iams still retains one Business to Business brand group. Only a veterinarian can sell Eukanuba Veterinary Diets. Eukanuba Veterinary Diets is a line of foods meant to address a pet’s therapeutic needs. Since it is based on a pet’s specific needs it requires a prescription.

Iams is considered to be significantly higher in quality, health, and nutritional value. As a result, the product tends to be pricier. Regardless of price, people continue to buy Iams. They wish to ensure that their pets maintain a good quality of life. Luckily, there are some Iams coupons and discounts available. Iams coupons can be found on Sundays in the local newspaper. Those Iams coupons will be in the P & G (Proctor and Gamble) brandSAVER section. On occasion, Iams coupons will be inserted into product packaging.

Consumers can also find printable Iams coupons through the Iams website. If consumers register for the site they will be able to get information and money saving offers. The Iams web site also has articles covering pet health and nutrition. Web site users can search the article database for information on their pet’s breed, age, and size. There are several other articles related to pet behavior.

Proctor and Gamble also offers printable Iams coupons through their web site P&G Every Day Solutions. The URL is PGEveryDaySolutions.com/pet-coupons. Proctor and Gamble also runs another web site where consumers can receive iams coupons and other coupons if they purchase $50 in Proctor and Gamble products. The web site is ThankYouMom.com. When consumers purchase $50 in products they can receive the Thank You Mom coupon book, worth $100 in savings. Breeders who are looking to save money with Iams coupons can join Eukanuba BREEDSmartâ„¢ Partners.