Hot Pockets Logo.Produced by Nestlé, Hot Pockets are a type of microwaveable fast food that generally consist of cheese, meat and vegetables. They are well known for their breakfast and dinner variety sandwiches and are also known for offering Lean Pockets, Pot Pie Express, Hot Pockets Croissant Crust, Hot Pockets Subs, Hot Pocket Pizza Minis, Hot Pockets Panini, Hot Pockets Calzones, as well as Fruit Pastries.

Originally invented in the 1970s by Paul and David Merage, they began to produce them for profit by 1983. Later on in 2002, the Merages would go on to sell the company used to sell Hot Pockets to Nestlé for over $2.6 billion. It was originally only available within the United States until the transfer of ownership to Nestlé, which led to it being introduced to the United Kingdom, German, France and Spain under the brand Maggi. They may also be found in Mexico under the Nestlé brand.

Hot Pockets come frozen and are well known for their familiar crisping sleeve packaged in the box. The sleeve is made up of materials that are designed to convert microwave energy into heat so that it warms up and crisps the crust, which would normally be penetrated by microwaves.

In recent times, Hot Pockets came under scrutiny for the fact that they were using cheese that had meat in them. However, these lawsuits were dropped in favor of Nestlé because they do not claim to be a vegetarian solution, making the act of including meat in the spinach and cheese pockets completely and entirely legal. They now make whole grain crust varieties.

As Hot Pockets is not a store, Nestlé does not commit to sending Hot Pocket specific coupons in the mail through the United States Postal Service. This is also not possible to do since Hot Pockets are sold at a number of different retailers, from supermarkets to warehouse clubs, supersized department stores, convenience stores and more, meaning that prices and deals can vary depending on the location.

For this reason, it would be necessary to wait for coupons from these different retailers in hopes that one may include Hot Pockets. Alternatively, these different retailers may send weekly flyers of deals they have going on across the entire store, which may include Hot Pockets as well.

For those who do not wish to sit around and wait, there are always third party online retailers to try out. Some may include coupon codes for ordering Hot Pockets online from their official website or printable coupons to take to a retailer. Such third party online retailers would include Retail Me Not, Deals Plus, as well as the Printable Coupons blog.