Hooters LogoHooters is a restaurant chain that started in Florida in 1983 and has grown to include nearly 500 restaurants at current standing. The first restaurant began in Clearwater, Florida, and it has since become one of the most popular chains in the United States for a host of different reasons. The company itself started out as a modest venture by a group of six owners, but when it was sold in 1984 to a new owner named Bob Brooks, Hooters took off. At the beginning, the idea was to have a restaurant in every major city, but it has since expanded to include restaurants in many areas that wouldn’t be considered “large” by any standard.

When most people use their Hooters coupons, they are going for the food, but the company has a little bit more to offer than the usual restaurant. The primary food offerings at Hooters are the wings, as they serve them in a number of different ways. Hooters also specializes in rips and they do burgers, as well. The company hires female servers who wear skimpy outfits, which adds to the allure of the restaurant. It’s known as a place to go when you want good wings that are served by pretty girls. As such, the primary clientele for Hooters is male, but you will find plenty of women going to use their Hooters coupons there, too.

Some of the most popular Hooters locations are the New York City, the founding state of Florida, and the Hooters location in Las Vegas. Hooters now has a themed casino on the Las Vegas Strip, so it is regularly one of the busiest Hooters locations in the world. At that location, there is a restaurant, but the primary business is gambling, as is the case with most hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. The New York City locations are popular among tourists, especially those who come to Hooters to get a t-shirt with the city’s name attached.

For those people who want to reduce the price of their meal, a great option is using Hooters coupons. These can be found at a number of locations, both online and offline. They typically will offer something like 10 free wings or a 2 for 1 deal. On some occasions, Hooters coupons can be had right on the official Hooters website. This happens when they are running a special promotion and is more common during down times like winter.

Likewise, there are offline options for Hooters tickets, depending upon where you live. They often advertise in coupon books, so if you can pick up one of those, you are likely to find some kind of offer from the restaurant. In the past, Hooters coupons have been readily available in the newspaper, but this has been less common recently. They have run coupon ads in popular men’s magazines, especially sports magazines. If you are really looking for top-notch Hooters coupons, then this is the place that you should have your eye on the most.