Heinz Logo.It’s hard to imagine a backyard barbecue without the familiar taste of Heinz ketchup. Besides having a rich tomato taste, Heinz has a rich history. In 1876, some seventy years after the invention of ketchup, the F. & J. Heinz company launched their brand, using the slogan: “Blessed relief for Mother and the other women of the household.” Ketchup (sometimes spelled catchup back in those days) originally contained a preservative called sodium benzoate, but this preservative was found to be unsafe by the the father of the Food and Drug Administration, Harvey W. Wiley, so Henry J. Heinz developed a fresh batch that made the preservative unnecessary. Since most companies back then used unripe tomatoes, the ketchup had a watery consistency, but Heinz changed to ripe tomatoes and the sauce became thicker (this change also contributed to the elimination of the sodium benzoate preservative). The switch to ripe tomatoes set the groundwork for what we know as ketchup today – a condiment that runs neck and neck with salsa in the race for the most popular topping or dipping sauce in America.

Besides tasting great, ketchup is good for you. Its chemical makeup can actually help keep you from getting some kinds of cancer. We’re all familiar with the number 57 on the edge of glass Heinz ketchup bottles, but many people don’t realize that, besides being stylish, it also serves a useful purpose. Shearing is what happens when the ketchup becomes difficult to remove from the glass bottle. Some folks use a butter knife to fix the problem, while others bang the bottle around in frustration, but all you need to do is give that number 57 a few hard taps and the ketchup will begin to flow onto your hamburger or hotdog. Currently, the largest worldwide distributor of ketchup is Heinz, with fifty percent market share.

Commonly referred to as The World’s Favorite Ketchup, Heinz ketchup comes in Original, Reduced Sugar, and Organic. It’s also available in a few different flavors: Zesty Garlic, Smokey Mesquite, and Hot & Spicy. Heinz ketchup comes in the traditional glass bottle as well as an easy to operate plastic squeeze bottle, and you can also find it in metal containers in fast food establishments around the world, ready to be squirted into a white paper cup. Heinz ketchup has a sweeter flavor than it did back in the good old days – back then, the flavor was salty and bitter, probably tasting more like Heinz 57 Sauce than the ketchup we are familiar with.

Searching the internet for Heinz coupons is a frustrating process. For some reason, there don’t seem to be any online Heinz coupons. The few that were advertised on various websites lead only to dead links or lists that run you around in circles. But don’t give up hope for your hamburger or hotdog, because there is an alternative, and it involves the Heinz website itself. One good way to score some valuable Heinz ketchup coupons is to simply sit down and write the company a heartfelt letter about how much you enjoy their product, how it’s the only ketchup you ever use and will ever use, and email it to them. The company seems to like hearing their praises sung (what company wouldn’t?), because more often than not they return the warm wishes by sending up to four coupons for their ketchup. To do this, just go to www.heinzketchup.com/ContactUs.aspx. Once you’re at their website, fill out the form appropriately, fill the comment section with your kind words, and send it off.

The good news about Heinz being the most successful ketchup distributor in the world is that, more often than not, you’re going to find good deals on the popular product at your local grocery store. If you subscribe to a newspaper, you’ll want to check out the coupon section, where there’s sure to be plenty of Heinz coupons to clip. If all else fails, simply keep those kind words to Heinz coming and hope they continue to send you coupons for their ketchup. They likely will continue, because a company that powerful and successful understands that the loyal customer is the most important aspect of their operation.