Arg… weak post title, I know. I played basketball today. The first game I felt like the oldest guy on the court (even though I think I was the youngest). I generally sucked at defense and was just sluggish. I also missed my first shot or two, but then made a few later on in the game, including 2 in a row.

My shot mechanics are just crap. I randomly miss a ton, and then get to where I can’t miss a shot. I am not sure I know exactly how I can be so bad (like making 10%) and so good (making well over 80% from 3 point range) at shooting.

The second game we played full court. I played ok defense. I think I got a few rebounds, a block, and a steal. Unlike the first game, the guy playing opposed to me did not flat out own me.

I made the first basket of the game taking a somewhat long 3 pointer. I then made many other shots from the perimeter. I sucked on my layups though. I made my first layup the point before the end of the game, tying the score before our eventual lose.

0 for 2 on the day. Sucks losing, but I still had fun.

Checked my weight and it was 234. Arg…