Glad’s History

The All-American Glad plastic wrap has an Australian inventor to thank for its popularity. Dr. Douglas Lyons Ford was working for Union Carbide in Sydney, Australia when he first discovered the virtues of the polyethylene-based film that would later become Glad Wrap. The Glad brand didn’t make its debut in the United States until 1963, under the direction of David Darroch. The rest is history. Glad products have been the best friends of domestic household workers ever since. Glad trash bags, cling wrap, food bags, and containers have been the best friends of moms and dads across America.

Glad is a leader in its field and frequently offers new technology for household products like trash bags and food containers. An example of this technology is the Glad “Odor Shield” garbage bag. They come in original scent and lemon scent. The technology is dispersed throughout the whole bag so that people who throw away rotten food don’t have to worry about the smell polluting the whole house. Part of the technology has to do with its 3 ply strength. This bag is meant to deal with serious garbage.

Glad is proud of its OvenWare line that provides containers so durable that they can be used to bake at a price so low that they can be used as disposable. Their line of Press’N Seal cling wrap, designed for refrigerator or freezer conditions, is known for quality and affordability. Glad is simple one of the best in the business at giving every household member an easy way to preserve or dispose of food. They’ve been doing it for quite awhile now and they do it very well.

Garbage bags are one of the most well-known Glad products. When people buy a Glad bag, they know that their garbage is going to stay where it belongs. The original Glad bags were tough but the new ones are invincible. Their ForceFlex drawstring bags are some of the most durable garbage bags on the market and many people keep a large supply all year-round.

Glad Promotional Discounts, Deals & Coupon Codes

Glad is anxious to share savings with anyone who’ll accept them. Their Web site is full of free activities and sweepstakes for people in the mood to celebrate Glad outside the usual household activities that Glad is known for.

Glad products are some of the most highly used everyday products in America. Grocery stores will almost always have coupons available for any Glad product on store shelves. Newspapers and store sales papers are a favorite home for Glad coupons and should be one of the first places you look when searching for Glad bargains.

In the unlikely event that you can’t find a Glad coupon in a newspaper or sales paper, your next best bet is their official online website. They have a sign-up form that lets you be an official member of the Glad Web site. As a member, you can receive exclusive coupons and promotions to your inbox on a regular basis. You can also receive news about upcoming Glad products and take part in fun contests that Glad often sponsors.

Contests are a third way that Glad loves to give. They have fun games on their Web site that people can participate in. At the end of the game, you can click to receive a special offer from Glad. You get to have fun and save on your favorite Glad products.

The Glad company often sponsors important charities. For example, they’re currently taking part in a financial drive for the Childhood Cancer Foundation. Their promotion is called Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. When you buy a Glad product, you go online and enter the product code. Glad donates $1.00 to the foundation for every code you enter. It’s a great way to fund a cause that helps so many children live longer, happier lives.

It is possible to find Glad coupons on various coupon Web sites throughout the Internet, but the best way to get accurate, up to date offers is by checking local papers and the official Glad site. It’s the best way to keep up with company news and get alerts on upcoming products. It’s also fun to read about the technology behind the products that already exist. Glad has come a long way since 1963. New products have been invented, the original material has improved, and the company has grown into one of the major corporations in America. Everyone owes a little bit of thanks to Glad for making it possible to clean up the trash, store the leftovers, and send kids to school with food bags that won’t drip all over their clothes. Glad has given us dozens of the most useful household products out there, and now they’re willing to share the savings on their official Web site. Head over there and play a game or two.