Gerber Logo.The Gerber Baby Food Company first began as the Fremont Canning Company, which was a small packaging company of peas, beans, and fruits in rural Michigan. The Fremont Canning Company was first started in 1901 by Frank Gerber and his father. It was 1905 when Frank started expanding the plant so he could focus on canning their products so that the company could operate year round.

In 1920, Frank’s son Daniel joined his father with the operating of the Fremont Canning Company. It was in 1926 when Daniel’s wife, Dorothy, put in many laboring hours to hand strain vegetables for their infant daughter. Dorothy suggested that Daniel persuade his father to incorporate a line of prepared strained solid foods for infants in their company. Frank and Daniel did extensive research into launching the concept before testing it out on the market. It wasn’t until 1928 when the Gerber’s successfully introduced their baby food line onto marketers shelves. Each can contained a sketch of a baby that was actually drawn by Dorothy Gerber. The Gerber Baby sketch remains as a marketing icon around the world today.

The key to the original success of the Gerber Baby Food line was an advertisement that was in Good Housekeeping that encouraged mothers of young children to use a coupon to purchase the baby food at a cost of six cans for just $1.00. This resulted in 590,000 cans with a gross revenue of $345,000 the first year in sales. Due to its affordability, the profit from Gerber Baby Food continued to rise, even during the war years.

As the demand for the prepackaged baby food grew, so did the choices. Originally only available in four different flavors, Gerber began to expand their production line to include more vegetables, fruits, juices, soups, formula and dry cereals. Today Gerber Baby Food is the leader in the baby food and supply market. Trusted by parents all around the world to provide safe and reliable products for their children, Gerber has products to meet all of their needs. Some of the items that are available through Gerber today include:

  • A huge selection of prepackaged, strained baby foods in unlimited choices at various stages according to your baby’s needs.
  • Dry Cereals
  • Formulas
  • Feeding products such as bottles and nursers, soft spoons, dishes, and sippee cups.
  • Rattles and toys
  • Lotions, shampoo, and body bath
  • Juices
  • Blankets and clothing
  • Snacks and finger foods for older children

Gerber knows that offering their customers affordable, safe, and nutritional products are the key to success, they still continue to offer a wide variety of money saving coupons.
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