Fuddruckers Logo.In 2010, Fuddruckers will celebrate its 30-year anniversary and the company is still on top in terms of providing the best burgers in the industry. The original restaurant was founded in San Antonio, Texas, but the company has grown a lot since then. It now has almost 300 locations around the United States and throughout the world, making it one of the larger casual dining chains out there. The theme of the restaurant is a 1950s and 1960s rock ‘n roll theme, which makes it unique in an industry filled with cookie cutter choices. Fuddruckers stands out for these reasons, as well as its insistence on offering nice deals for solid food.

The majority of people who use Fuddruckers coupons are doing so to enjoy their burgers. Though the restaurant does offer some other choices like chicken sandwiches and the like, it all starts and ends with burgers for them. Fuddruckers has burgers of different sizes and you can choose different cheeses to compliment that burger. The nice thing about the restaurant is that they give customers the opportunity to customize their own burger when they order, so you will get exactly what you have been craving all day. The Fuddruckers coupons that are out there will allow you to make advantage of these things, as well as their milkshakes which are quite famous, too.

Likewise, there is a Fuddruckers restaurant in the Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut that has become more popular over the years. At this restaurant, there are many Fuddruckers coupons to be used by people staying at the casino and those who are just visiting for the day. It was at this location that the world’s largest burger was once created, weighing almost 30 pounds and at a cost of $250.

Some of the most popular Fuddruckers locations today are those locations that are new. With the company expanding around the world, the restaurants throughout the middle east have gained popularity over the last couple of years. Likewise, there is one Fuddruckers location in Saskatoon which is always a popular choice among both visitors and locals. It goes without saying that San Antonio has one of the most historic Fuddruckers restaurants, since the company was originally founded there back in 1980.

For those people looking for Fuddruckers coupons, you can start your search online and expand it to include some offline avenues, as well. The restaurant has been quite good at putting their coupons in local coupon books in their home areas. If you live in a place that hosts a Fuddruckers, then you will do well to look there. They will often give away free burgers and Fuddruckers coupons have been known to offer free desserts, as well. Online, many people have found Fuddruckers coupons right on the official company website, as they occasionally do promotions to get people into the spirit. This is something that has been ongoing for years, but you have to make sure that you check out the site at the right time.