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Frontline Protects Your Pets and Your Family

Frontline is a safe, effective medication used to kill fleas and ticks on dogs and cats. The topical application is easy to use, and will keep your pet safe from the dangers and discomforts caused by fleas and ticks.

Frontline was created by; and continues to be manufactured by Merial. This company has one concern: Improving your pets’ health. They offer pharmaceutical products for animals as well as lifesaving vaccines. Merial has eight research and development centers located throughout the world. The company also has sixteen manufacturing sites to help get their helpful and effective products out to the pets and wildlife that need them. They employ 5700 people in more than 150 countries around the globe and 2009 sales exceeded $2.6 billion.

Frontline is considered to be the best product available for flea and tick control. Fleas and ticks have a knack for quietly hitching rides into your home. Arriving completely undetected, they can quickly reproduce and make all inhabitants of your home miserable. The fact is that the fleas you actually see only account for 5% of the total flea population invading your home. These tiny little pests can cause some major illnesses including Flea Allergy Dermatitis, Anemia, Tapeworm, Rickettsiosi, Plague and Cat Scratch Disease. In addition to being carriers of Lyme disease, ticks can also carry Babesiosi, Ehrlichiosis and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Any of these diseases are serious, some are potentially fatal. Using Frontline can help prevent any of these creatures from endangering your pet or your family.

Ridding your home of fleas can pose a serious challenge. However, with Frontline Plus you will not only kill fleas that have already set up residence, but you will also prevent new fleas from buying any real estate on your dog. And if they aren’t hitch hiking in on your pet, then you can completely avoid the inconvenience and danger of having them in your home.

Frontline works in two ways. It will effectively kill any flea on your dog or cat within twelve hours of being applied. It will continue to kill fleas that should happen to hop on your dog for continuing protection. The protection offered by Frontline lasts for an entire month. The products active ingredient is fipronil, which will be stored in oil glands under your dog or cats skin. The oil glands will help it do distribute throughout your pets coat so that no matter where the intruder jumps on, they will be met by the security wall that Frontline creates. The application is water proof so even through grooming, swimming and bathing it will stay on your pet.

Frontline is easy to apply. Each applicator contains the dose for one month of protection. When the tip of the applicator is snapped off it will be ready to apply to your dog. Simply place the tip between your pet’s shoulder blades and squeeze out the entire contents. Your pet’s body will naturally do the rest and fleas and ticks will become a thing of the past.

Merial is so confident about their product’s ability to keep your pet safe that they offer a Satisfaction Guarantee. They have a 1-800 line established where you can call for advice and tips if you don’t feel that Frontline is working for your dog. They can help to diagnose if there are dosage problems or perhaps some other issue that is preventing the Frontline from working. If they are unable to help you resolve the problem, you will be able to receive a replacement product or a refund on the purchase price.

In addition to offering their Satisfaction Guarantee, Merial also wants to help you save money on Frontline. At their website,, you can find a printable coupon. This valuable coupon will give you one free dose of Frontline when you purchase 6.

With proper flea and tick prevention, there is no need for flea and tick extermination later. Frontline offers the best prevention available, in an easy to use format. Their Satisfaction Guarantee gives you peace of mind knowing that you have nothing to lose by trying this product. And their money saving coupon make this the perfect product for keeping your pet flea and tick free all year long.