“Fresh from the farm” is not just a slogan for Fresh Choice, a company which began as a chain of self-serve restaurants in 1986. Instead, this phrase is a way of living and business for Fresh Choice. The fundamental goal of this company is to provide consumers with delicious, healthy, high-quality fresh food for a reasonable price. In a world driven to two extremes, inexpensive fast food or expensive organic food, Fresh Choice has succeeded in reaching its goals.

Fresh Choice currently has 29 restaurant locations, the majority in California, as well as a single location under the Zoopa brand name. There is also a single Fresh Choice Express Restaurant, a dual-Fresh Choice-Starbucks location, and a licensed Starbucks retail store in Texas.

What makes Fresh Choice a unique dining option is that it combines the quality of a typical restaurant while providing a more casual, home-style, self-serve buffet atmosphere. Fresh food is a constant at the restaurants which serve a variety of wholesome, delicious pastas, breads, salads, soups, pizzas, and baked goods. Just as with all buffets, diners pay a single fee after which they can enjoy as much food as they should like.

For those who are aiming to get five to nine daily servings of fruits and vegetables without breaking the budget or spending a fortune at a restaurant, Fresh Choice is the most economical, convenient option available. By paying one affordable price, diners can feast on plenty of locally grown, fresh produce straight from the farm. Because of the constantly fresh food and delicious offerings, many Fresh Choice restaurants have received awards such as “Best All-You-Can-Eat”, “Readers’ Choice Award”, “Best Salad Bar”, and “Best Menu for Children.”

The Fresh Choice Express location aims to provide healthy, fresh on-the-go options so diners don’t have to settle for low-quality fast food. The Fresh Choice Express serves plenty of quick yet wholesome breakfast and lunch options in a Starbucks type setting. Salads, sandwiches, and snacks are served as well as a variety of hot and cold Starbucks beverages. Besides the food, satisfied customers also exclaim over the bold, colorful decor which makes the Fresh Choice Express a signature spot that will hopefully catch on in new areas in the future.

As fresh produce changes with the season, Fresh Choice strives to keep its customers update via the website as to the monthly menu. Customers can read the restaurant’s complete menu for a specific set of dates to be sure of what will be offered at the buffet.

Fresh Choice has also recently teamed up with Nourish Interactive to provide fun games, coloring sheets, and activities for children. This is a great opportunity for children to learn more about eating healthy and fresh. Teachers will also benefit from the resources, perhaps by using them in the classroom or taking students on a field trip to a Fresh Choice location.

The Fresh Choice restaurants all participate in local events that support fresh food, local farms, and wholesome living. Annual events are typically held in celebration of earth day. Fresh Choice Westgate is at the Wesgate Center Ross Supermarket the second Wednesday of every month to offer samples and coupons. Fresh Choice also hosts healthy eating seminars in various locations as well.

For those who love Fresh Choice and want to be sure to benefit from as much as possible, Fresh Connections is the group to join. Customers who join Fresh Connections will receive coupons and special offers via email to make the most of the dining opportunities. By joining this free group, you will also receive information about local farmers and produce to help in your economical healthy-eating quest.

Other Fresh Choice coupons can currently be found spread across the internet. How reputable all of the coupons are may not be clear, but there are plenty of them. Local supermarkets, farmers’ markets, and grocery adds in the California, Washington, and Texas area also give coupons as well. If you live in the San Jose/Westgate, California area, be sure to stop by Ross once a month to receive Fresh Choice coupons straight from the employees!

When you have finished dining at any one of the Fresh Choice locations, be sure to visit the website and leave your feedback on the company’s survey. This will help the restaurant to continually improve and provide customers with the finest quality fresh dining experience possible.