I received an email which was about a weight loss success story from a person in Canada. This person accredited their weight loss to a weight loss company called Nutrition in Motion. It is based in Toronto but also serves Ottawa and Montreal. This company has various diets you can chose from. You can pick the meals you want and they deliver breakfast, lunch and supper to your doorstep every morning. (How much fresher can you get than that? WOW)

This person has lost 17 pounds in 4 weeks and still going strong. Nutrition in Motion has just partnered with Strolf to offer a comprehensive diet and fitness plan. The “Nutrion and Training Program provides a person with a customized iet of freshly prepared gourmet meals in addition to tri-weekly PRIVATE training sessions with Strolf fitness personal.

Strolf Training (Stretching, Training, Rehabilitation for Optimum Life Fitness) System is a multi-disiplinary, stretching, strengthening and conditioning program that is custom tailored to each person’s needs and goals.

I like the idea of working one-on-one with a trainer. I think going to a regular gym when you are way out of shape as well as being way too heavy is hard. I remember when I was going a few years ago, I was lucky enough to have a gym that not many people attended. (It actually went out of business) I know I could never have attended a busy gym. I think that is what makes this program so attractive.

It’s work checking out for people who want to lose weight in Canada that live in or near Toronto, Ottawa, or Montreal.