Elephant Bar Logo.

The History of Elephant Bar Restaurant

The father son duo of David and Chris Nancarrow are responsible for giving the world the unique dining experience offered by the Elephant bar. They opened the restaurant in 1980 and it has been thriving ever since. Their goal was to make dining an adventure. One look at the tropical décor of the Elephant bar and it’s obvious that diners can expect something special from this beautiful, not-so-ordinary place. David wanted people to have good food, good drinks, good conversation, and an adventure that could be enjoyed every day of the week.

Take the name as an example of things to expect. The Elephant Bar is very much like an elephant: Everything about it is large. The drinks, dishes, and tables are huge. The guests are made to feel important, like they’re not out for a night of dinner. They’re out for a night of adventure, a safari through many places and flavors. The menu is diverse and strongly leans toward a more international flavor. Expect to try something different when you step into the Elephant Bar.


The Elephant Bar specializes in big portions of global food flavors that you won’t find at your neighborhood Applebees. This is a specialty restaurant in itself that offers each guest the chance to taste things they’ve never tasted before in quantities they’ll find hard to believe. The magical Wok kitchen creates dishes a visitor will treasure forever: Wok-fired Mongolian beef and crispy honey orange shrimp testify to the greatness of the food at this place.

The Elephant Bar is known for its global fare. Their coconut shrimp, braised lamb shanks, and Shrimp and Chicken Jambalaya are a testament to their international talents. Chef Reinhard is a firm believer in the abilities of the hardwood fired grill. He used one to make everything at Elephant bar taste 100% delicious.

The atmosphere at elephant bar is memorable, too. There are few places in the world where one can look at giraffe statues while enjoying the lip smacking goodness of coconut shrimp. Thanks to David Nancarrow, this is one of those places. Few will argue that this isn’t a good thing.

Elephant Bar Coupon Codes

Elephant bar offers several deals on its website. As of now, they’re offering $5 worth of dining when you purchase a $25 gift card for someone you must really love a lot. Their main programs focus on kids and seniors.

Their Jr. Explorer rewards program gives free food awards to children who do well in school. Schools must contact Elephant bar to participate. When a child does extra well in a sport or learning, they’re heading to Elephant Bar for a huge adventure that hopefully involves coconut shrimp and an order of sweet potato fries.

Seniors have it good, too. Their VIP card can be used year-round for 20% off purchases. Seniors can pick up their card easily during any visit to Elephant bar. For the most savings, it should be acquired during the first visit. A senior should never pay full price at this place.

The rest of the world isn’t left out in the cold. Elephant Bar gives us the Passport club. When a person signs up for this club, they get emails that alert them to special offers, new menu items, and news about upcoming events at the Elephant Bar. If you’ve fallen in love with the atmosphere of the elephant bar and plan to visit it a lot during the year, signing up for this club is worth it. It’s free and quick to sign up and the only thing you have to lose is nothing.

The elephant bar has several locations, so it’s not impossible to find savings in a local newspaper or sales flyer. Schools also give out Elephant bar coupons to good students and athletes who excel during the year. Internet websites may have a few scattered Elephant bar coupons available, but for the most part, it’s wise to look on the official Elephant bar website or in local newspapers and sales papers. The restaurant offers year-round savings to kids, seniors, and people who sign up for their newsletter, but that doesn’t mean they don’t occasionally put out a coupon or two for random diners.