I couldn’t wait to sign up for this weight loss program sponsored by the hospital. It only cost $10.00. Being on a team will give me some incentive to lose weight. I drove home and brought my husband back to sign up too. We’re on the same team. We are called Mismatch Team 1. After completing our paperwork, we had our official weigh in. (have to remember what I was wearing so I can wear it for the final weigh-in) Ugh….their scales weigh me heavier than mine.

With is weight loss program, they are offering nutrition classes every Tuesday morning at the hospital. We also had the choice of attending 3 different weight loss facilities during this 8-week period. The choices available were Curves, Senior Center, or McNairy Athlectic Club. I signed my husband and me up for MAC. They have a men and women’s side and are open 24 hours a day.

I went by MAC and got the needed information from the owner and purchased our key cards to get in the building. He is going to offer a special rate for seniors when this 8-week period is over. He told me when I come in, he will show me the various machines and set up a program for me. (People down here are so so friendly)

Time for me to head off to the gym.