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Duncan Hines Coupons for Bakers

Duncan Hines baking products are a longtime favorite in American Homes. With over 80 products like baking mixes and frosting on the shelves, the reputation for good eating is well earned and lives up to Duncan Hines’ reputation for recognizing quality food.

Mr. Hines was a traveling salesman back before interstate highways and chain restaurants. As he travelled, he sampled the cooking in a large number of restaurants across the country, keeping notes on what he liked and disliked at each location. He kept a record of good restaurants and that record became a popular book on good food.
In 1948, a man named Roy Park asked Hines to partner with him to produce food products. Hines-Park Foods was highly successful in the early 50’s. In 1956, Proctor and Gamble bought the company.

Duncan Hines is currently owned by Pinnacle Foods. Pinnacle owns such popular brands as Log Cabin and Mrs. Butterworth syrups, Lender’s Bagels, Van de Camp’s and Mrs. Paul’s Seafood and Vlassic Pickles.

The best selling product for Duncan Hines and one of the most popular cake mixes on the market is their Classic Yellow Moist Deluxe Cake Mix. Their ready to spread frostings are a perfect match for the moist cakes produced by their mixes. The company’s brownie mixes have won awards for their “fudgy-ness.” They also make excellent cookie and muffin mixes.

Duncan Hines coupons are available in newspaper supplements and at most online coupon sites. Sites such as SmartSource have cents off coupons for favorite Duncan Hines products. The most recent coupon is for $0.75 off whole grain muffins. At DuncanHines.com, a shopper can join the Baker’s Club and gain access to exclusive printable coupons.

At Duncan Hines’ website, there are recipes and suggestions for baking with ease. If a cake did not rise properly, the experts suggest that too much liquid or a pan that is too large may be at fault. The suggestions include buying an oven thermometer to monitor oven performance.

One of the most popular ideas is to add milk instead of water to the mix. Substituting milk makes a moister cake. Bakers can comment on the suggestions and add their reviews. One baker substituted melted butter for oil in the mix.

Duncan Hines likes to consider their products as a starting point for the creativity that a baker brings to their own dishes. The features on the website list decorating hints and tips. A recipe section lists recipes by occasion for the baker who is looking for holiday ideas. Browse the recipe section for Alien Cupcakes and other fun, kid-friendly ideas.