Dixie Stampede Logo.When you talk about some of the staples of the entertainment industry, Dolly Parton has to get a mention. While she has made a nice career as a singer, she also has put together quite an enterprise with her Dollywood corporation. One of the things that Dollywood owns is the Dixie Stampede, a long standing dinner theater attraction that has captivated viewers for more than two decades. The Dixie Stampede first opened in 1988 in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, where Parton’s theme park is located. Since then, it has expanded with two more locations. One is in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, while the other is in Branson, Missouri.

The Dixie Stampede is known for being more than just a meal. It is a dinner attraction where people can take in a great show and enjoy a meal at the same time. When you use Dixie Stampede coupons, you are going to see some skilled individuals put on a performance that includes horseback riding and lots of other skills. The audience is split into two different “teams” – north and south – while the show’s entertainers perform in numerous competitions. Leading off the show is an opening act of music, which differs depending upon which location you choose.

Those who enjoy Dixie Stampede coupons get to take in this, while having a meal that consists of chicken, pork, and a host of other sides. The food is baked fresh right on site and it is actually quite good by dinner show standards. The majority of people who come to the Dixie Stampede do so for the experience, though, as the food is not the primary draw.

Though the Pigeon Forge, TN location was the first, it is not the most popular anymore. Myrtle Beach is a huge tourist city in itself, so more people enjoy that location than any of the others. It is featured in one of the most popular parts of Myrtle Beach, VA and the shows routinely sell out there. When you get Dixie Stampede coupons, you can often take in a show for free, depending upon the time of year.

More Dixie Stampede coupons for the Myrtle Beach location come out in the winter and fall, when the area is not as populated. During the busy summer months, they do less to attract new customers, because the show is quite popular on its own. This is not the case for the other locations – like Branson, MO, as they are more popular in the fall.

When looking for Dixie Stampede coupons, you are most likely to find coupons that allow you to take $10 off of the price of admission to the show. There have been coupon campaigns that allowed people 2 for 1 entry to the show, but this is less common. At the beach location, the coupons can be found in the large coupon books that include lots of beach attractions. There have been some online marketing campaigns through the Dixie Stampede website where customers have gotten great deals that they could print out.