The History of Dickey’s BBQ

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit originally opened its doors in 1941 in Dallas, Texas, owned by Travis Dickey. Later in 1969, Dickey’s became so popular that two more chains opened in the Dallas area. By 1972, Dickey’s had opened several chains in Texas, gaining the title of the most popular barbecue chain in the state. As Dickey’s Barbecue Pit continued to grow, they acquired a famous catering director in 1977 – Lee Duramee. Soon the company became one of the largest barbecue catering companies in the entire United States. Known for feeding royalty and U.S Presidents, the name “Dickey’s Barbecue Pit” soon became a famous and well-respected name in U.S dining venues. When the company added chicken to their barbecue menu in 1984, their popularity only continued to grow. Dickey’s introduced their famous Big Yellow Cup, a beverage cup, notable for its large size and bright yellow color in the 1980s. The cup was the beginning of an official club, which originally had a secret handshake. Today the handshake is not required in order to receive the Big Yellow Cup Club benefits. In 1994, the franchise program for Dickey’s began and stores spread across the entire country rapidly. Another phenomenal but fun fact about the growth of Dickey’s takes place when most businesses were tanking – between 2007 and 2008. During this time period, while the recession resulted in the closing of restaurants nationwide, Dickey’s total count jumped from 83 to over 100. Dickey’s was named the official largest barbecue franchise in the United States in 2009, with over 160 locations in over half of all the states.

Although it is simple, their goal, “Serve everyone great barbecue,” has remained their utmost priority for over 65 years. Dickey’s is well-known for their excellent customer service, in which they take great pride. It also goes without saying that they are famous for their delectable barbecue menu, featuring items seasoned and cooked to perfection. Unlike most restaurants that charge enough to purchase a week’s worth of groceries in one meal, Dickey’s takes pride in their low prices. Each night, Dickey’s slowly smokes their meat over an open wood-burning pit with hickory wood, giving it a unique and desirable flavor. When all of these advantageous qualities are combined into one, the result makes Dickey’s a timeless and trusted American favorite for barbecue. Those who live in the Dallas area may enjoy visiting the original Dickey’s restaurant on the corner of Knox and Henderson, just off the North Central Expressway. Those who wish to skip the holiday meal planning will love a unique and delicious holiday dinner at Dickey’s. In addition to the succulent beef, chicken and pork, they also offer turkey. Dickey’s caters, so this delicious cuisine may be enjoyed not only in the friendly and ambient atmosphere of a restaurant, but also in the comfort of home.

Finding Dickey’s BBQ Promotional Discounts, Deals & Coupon Codes

Ordering from Dickey’s is simple; in fact, many locations now offer online ordering. Menu selections can be viewed on their website and orders may be placed over the phone for carry-out. The staff at every Dickey’s location are happy to assist customers with any catering needs, providing attractive pricing. Customers who are members of social media sites Twitter or Facebook may find updates online from Dickey’s frequently. Specials, coupons and promotional deals for online fans only may be seen on their social media pages. Many websites offer coupon codes for restaurants, however the Dickey’s coupons must be presented at the time of purchase, so these codes are not a reliable source. Websites such as Yahoo and Family Food & Fun both offer printable coupons for Dickey’s restaurants.
People in the Dallas area may also find coupons at from the My Dallas Mommy website.

For additional savings, those who live in a vicinity where a Dickey’s restaurant stands should watch their mailbox for ads that are mailed. Many local newspapers often feature deals from a local Dickey’s; these are promotional deals that only last a short time. Some of the best discounts for Dickey’s are offered directly from the website. In order to receive these excellent offers, interested consumers may sign up for The Big Yellow Cup Club for free online. By doing so, updates and exclusive offers are sent through email for Dickey’s discounts. To sign up online, visit the registration page for the club at