Dennys Logo.Danny’s Donuts was founded in 1953 by Richard Jezak and Harold Butler. By 1959, there were already 20 restaurants up and running. It was at this time that the name was changed to Denny’s because it was too similar to a local competitor. Denny’s was very popular because by 1981 there were 1,000 chains in all 50 U.S. states. The always popular Grand Slam breakfast was created in 1977 and is still in great demand today. Denny’s restaurants are also well-known for the fact that they never close the doors. In fact, most of these restaurants do not even have locks on the doors. The first time Denny’s closed was during Christmas in 1988. Even in that event, five of the restaurants still remained open for business. Denny’s is also remembered as the place to get a free meal on your birthday, chosen from a seperate menu with limited options. This usually doesn’t happen anymore as the tradition was halted, but some franchises still carry on the tradition.

The original Denny’s, formerly Danny’s Donuts, was founded in Lakewood, California. An inspection of the 10 most popular family restaurants and food chains was conducted by Dateline NBC in 2004. Of the 10 chains featured, Denny’s by far had the fewest health inspection violations over a span of 15 months.

Denny’s offers many discounts, coupons and specials just for you. Have you heard of Denny’s Allnighter? Denny’s adopts bands and offers them free meals while on the road and allow them to host parties for their fans at a local chain. You must first apply and send some information about your band and a sample of music, and Denny’s will decide if you have what it takes to be adopted. Others specials, such as ‘buy a Grand Slam and get a free Grand Slamich,’ are offered at different times sometimes for just a day or two. E-mail coupons are also available that custom fit to your location. Denny’s also offers a ‘build your own Grand Slam’ special for $5.99 in which you choose any of the four items from the Grand Slam menu. You may also add any additional items to this meal for just $0.99 more per each item. Denny’s does not currently offer online printable coupons, aside from e-mail discounts.

Over the years, Denny’s has proved time and time again that they offer the best in breakfast and family meals. Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the early birds, night owls, and don’t forget the Allnighters.
It truly is a great place to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner- whenever you choose!