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Daphne was a wood nymph whose beauty drove men wild. However she preferred to roam the forests and play. One day she was being pursued by the sun god Apollo who had been struck with love for her by Cupid’s arrow. Daphne tried to outrun him, but he was very persistent and closed the gap quickly. Desperate, she asked her father, the river god Peneus, to save her from being caught. She was immediately transformed into a laurel tree. Since Apollo could not make her his wife, he decided she would be his tree. He created a wreath using her leaves as a way to honor her. The wreath is considered a symbol of excellence to this day.


Daphne’s Greek Cafe was the brainchild of former professional soccer player George Katakalidis. Sidelined by an injury while he was a member of the San Diego Sockers, the athlete decided to make quality Greek cuisine available at reasonable prices. The result was a Greek fast-casual eatery. The first of these appeared in 1991. Throughout the last 16 years Daphne’s Greek Cafe has become the largest, fast-casual Greek restaurant chain in the country. Franchises can now be found throughout Washington, Oregon, Colorado, California and Arizona.


Daphne’s Greek Cafe features authentic Mediterranean meals that were developed by Katakalidis. Signature dishes including gyros, kabobs, spanakopita, salads and other vegetarian selections provide patrons with the tastes of Greece for which the culture is best known for. Even kids can enjoy these exotic flavors. Daphne’s Greek Cafe offers nutritious choices to children ranging from grilled chicken strips to freshly carved gyro pita sandwiches. The best part is you get quality cuisine for affordable prices. Don’t expect paper or plastic plates though. Meals are served on china with real utensils.

The menu varies by location, but the famous Pita Burger is a fixture everywhere. This alternative to traditional hamburgers gives you a choice of seasoned ground beef, marinated chicken or vegetarian Gardenburger. Toppings such as Fire Feta, Roasted Red Pepper Hummus or Feta Cheese on a golden toasted pita make you realize what you’ve missed out on all this time.

Daphne’s Greek Cafe understands its customers want nutritional food that’s still inexpensive. This is why menus come equipped with a breakdown of the dietary information in all dishes.

Daphne’s Rewards Program:

Daphne’s Greek Cafe values its loyal guests and has finally found a way to show its appreciation. By enrolling in the restaurant’s Pita Points club, customers can start earning points for their purchases. For every dollar spent at Daphne’s Greek Cafe, you earn a point. Once you reach a total of 200 points, you are given $10 off your next purchase. Enrolling in the program also entitles you to monthly offers in addition to exclusive gifts on your birthday and membership anniversaries. For more information, please visit http://www.daphnesgreekcafe.com/PP_benefits.asp. To sign up and start earning rewards, please visit http://www.daphnesgreekcafe.com/PP_signup.asp.

Daphne’s Dollar Menu:

Daphne’s dollar menu allows you to fully indulge in the Greek dining experience without burning a hole in your wallet. The restaurant offers appetizers such as Fire Feta and hummus alongside grilled pita. Also, order any soup with an entree or spoil yourself with a traditional baklava dessert, all for just a dollar. These are just some ways to make your money go further.

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