Crystal Light Logo.Anyone trying to watch their figure will tell you that the first thing that needs to be cut out of the daily calorie intake is soda and fruit juices. Soda offers zero nutritional value and is actually harmful to the body, while fruit juices, despite having nutritional value, contain lots of sugar and too many calories. While some people decide to switch to diet soda, many prefer the cool and refreshing taste of Crystal Light. We’ve all heard that catchy Crystal Light jingle in the commercials: I Believe In Crystal Light, ‘Cause I Believe In Me, and the slogan makes sense, as the beverage can play an important role in weight loss. Water is the best thing for you, but that becomes quite dull after awhile, and eventually the craving for something sweet to drink will compel you to find an alternative. Containing a mere five calories per serving (eight fluid ounces), Crystal Light is an excellent choice. The drink comes in a bottle of liquid or a powdered mix that needs to be added to water.

The best part about Crystal Light is that it encourages the intake of water into the body, as the beverage is basically flavored water. Staying hydrated is an important daily task, and the better the water tastes the more likely you are to drink it. Made by Kraft Foods, Crystal light was first introduced to the public in 1982. Kraft used famous celebrities Priscilla Presley, Linda Evans, and Raquel Welch as spokespersons for the product, and along with that catchy jingle launched an advertising campaign that shot the beverage straight to the top of the charts.

There are many different varieties and flavors of Crystal Light. The classic flavors include Cranberry Apple, Natural Lemonade, Raspberry Ice, Strawberry Orange Banana, and Natural Cherry Pomegranate. The Tea Series includes the flavors Honey Lemon Green Tea, Raspberry Iced Tea, Lemon Iced Tea, Natural Mandarin Red Tea, and White Tea Blueberry. The Enhancement Series is broken down into four categories: Energy, Focus, Hunger Satisfaction, Immunity, and Metabolism Plus, and includes the flavors Wild Strawberry, Citrus Splash, Natural Cherry Pomegranate, and Green Tea Peach Mango. There are four more series of Crystal Light – the Live Action Series (with fiber), the Hydration Series (which only lightly flavors the water), the Skin Essentials Series (with antioxidants), and the Fortified Series (pre mixed with water in a bottle). Each of these four series comes with their own unique flavors. As you can see, Crystal Light provides more than enough variety.

When it first arrived on the market, Crystal Light was made with the immensley popular sugar substitute aspartame, popularly known as Nutra Sweet. However, now that aspartame has been determined to be less than beneficial for the human body, Crystal Light is currently fading that aspect of the beverage out and replacing it with sucralose, popularly known as Splenda, which has zero calories, is three times as sweet as aspartame, and is much safer for the body. While Crystal Light has always focused on the drink’s weight loss advantages, it has recently upped the ante by introducing special drinks scientifically designed to help physical and mental performance. For example, the new Pure Fitness Series contains electrolytes that can actually help your body hydrate in the middle of a light workout.

I spent quite some time attempting to track down printable Crystal Light coupons on the internet, and was unfortunately spun around in circles and slammed into dead links. Even worse, there appears to be no coupons on the main Crystal Light website either. The only website that looked at least halfway credible was If that doesn’t work for you, it looks as if you’re going to have to score a sweet deal on Crystal Light the old fashioned way – pick up your local newspaper (if you don’t already have a subscription), flip to the coupons section, get out a pair of scissors, and start clipping. If you usually purchase Crystal Light in bulk, don’t forget to check out your local retail warehouse – they usually have great discounts for bulk purchases. The human body is about sixty percent water, and Crystal Light helps us to stay properly hydrated.