Crest Logo.Crest products have helped children and adults have gleaming white smiles for more than 55 years. This is the case because Crest products have been trusted by people to deliver just the right amount of fluoride protection while fleshing your breath in the process. As a result, Crest toothpaste has become one of the best sellers for Procter & Gamble.

Many consumers of Crest dental products search for coupons that can save them money when they purchase these products. Here is an online guide about Crest products and coupons that can help consumers find great deals on Crest dental products. The guide includes a brief history about Crest dental products that describes their evolution from their humble beginnings in 1955. It also includes information about the types of dental products that are produced under the Crest banner. In addition, the guide includes information about how consumers can find coupons that can save them a lot of money if they buy Crest dental products regularly.

Crest Brand & Product History

Crest dental products have evolved a great deal since their introduction in 1955. Indiana University and Procter & Gamble pioneered the use of fluoride in toothpaste products when it introduced its first lines of Crest toothpastes in 1955. Baby Boomers enjoyed Crest’s taste and packaging. Mothers and fathers enjoyed the lower prices and the added protection of the fluoride. The first products were known as “Fluoristan” and were named after the scientific name for the compound that was used to make the first products.

The first toothpastes were so successful that Procter & Gamble began to advertise Crest products in national magazines such as TV Guide, Look! and Family Circle magazines during the 1960’s and 1970’s. These advertisements introduced consumers to the new mint-flavored toothpastes they just produced by attaching coupons to the advertisements. These coupons were worth 4 to 8 cents each and they helped spread the word about Crest products to even more people.

Crest continued to expand its line of products in the 1980’s and 1990’s to include tartar control toothpastes, dental flosses and toothbrushes. This made the Crest brand so successful that Cincinnati-based Procter & Gamble used the Crest brand to anchor their health and beauty portion of their holdings.

Crest’s most recent innovation occurred in 2001 when it introduced Crest Whitestrips™ to a public that was eager to whiten its teeth without having to visit the dentist. The first Crest Whitestrips featured heavy plastic strips that were easy to attach to teeth. Today, they are much smaller and thinner.

As you can see, Procter & Gamble has developed the Crest brand so well that people can now find a wide range of dental hygiene products to suit their needs. No wonder Crest is one of the leading makers dental hygiene products around the world!

Popular Crest Products

Procter & Gamble produces many products under the Crest banner. As a result, here is a partial listing of Crest’s most popular products:


  • Original formula pastes and gels.
  • Tarter control formula pastes and gels.
  • Crest Pro Health™ toothpastes.
  • Scope-flavored toothpastes and gels.
  • Crest Pro-Health™ Sensitive Shield Toothpaste


  • Crest Pro Health ™ alcohol-free formulas.
  • Crest Prof Health ™ Professional Strength formulas.

Dental Flosses:

  • Crest “Glide” dental floss.
  • Crest “Glide” dental floss for kids.

Crest also offers a line teeth whitening kits that let consumers safely whiten their teeth at home.

Crest Toothpaste Coupon Codes & Promo Discount Offers

Procter & Gamble offers coupons for many of these Crest products using online and print advertising campaigns. Consumers searching for Crest coupons can find several legitimate sources of coupons that can help them save anywhere between 40 cents to $5.00 on various Crest dental products. Here are a few examples of place where consumers can find Crest coupons.

One good place to check out is Procter & Gamble’s online newsletter website. It’s located at The online newsletter contains coupons for Crest toothpastes and teeth whitening kits that can save people money off the regular retail price of these products.

The best part about using this newsletter is that it’s easy to obtain. All you need to do is provide a valid e-mail address and answer a few simple questions about your brushing habits. Once you’ve done this, you will receive coupons and offers for free product samples in your inbox.

Recent examples of coupons found in this online newsletter have included a coupon good for $1.00 off any two boxes of Crest toothpaste. Other coupons have included a coupon good for $3.00 off any Crest tooth whitening kit.

Another good place to check for Crest coupons is at your local supermarket. Many regional vendors who work with Procter & Gamble to distribute Crest products often use coupons to promote Crest products. These coupons are often distributed during in-house Crest product demonstrations and on the shelves that feature Crest products. As a result, it’s always a good idea to check in with your local supermarket to see if there any Procter & Gamble promotions going on.

Recent examples of coupons found at local supermarkets have included a coupon good for 25 cents off any Crest Glide™ dental floss product. Other examples of coupons have included a coupon good for 75 cents off any Crest toothbrush and a coupon good for $1.50 off any Crest Pro-Health™ mouthwash product.