Chuck E. Cheese Logo.Chuck E. Cheese is a great family restaurant geared towards kids of all ages. There are plenty of kid-friendly meal options to choose from, as well as a large selection of games and rides for both children and adults. Also, the robotic Chuck E. Cheese mouse entertains little ones with an array of crowd-pleasing songs. This restaurant has become famous for being fun for the whole family for over thirty years. The first Chuck E. Cheese opened in 1977 in San Jose, California. Over the following thirty years, the restaurant established and marketed itself into a publicly traded company that had increased sales and expanded locations. The company has always led with innovative ideas and prided itself of continuing to improve the quality of food and service while maintaining its unique sense of fun.

Back in 1977, Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari, Inc., founded Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza Time Theatre in order to offer kids a new place to play arcade games without exposing them to pool houses and bars. It would be the first family restaurant which linked together an indoor arcade, animated entertainment and food. In 1994, it was redesigned to be Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza and later simply became known as Chuck E. Cheese. 2007 saw the 30th anniversary of the company and currently operates 542 different restaurants.

It operates as a sit down pizza restaurant which is well complemented with the scattering of arcade games, tubes, slides, climbing equipment, an animatronic show and sometimes amusement rides. Represented by Chuck E. Cheese, an anthropomorphic rat, the brand aims to serve the young child.

It is well known for its arcade games as well its primary focus on pizza. However, aside from pizza, it also generally serves hot dogs, wings, sandwiches, side dishes and desserts, with some stores doubling as so called “test locations” for the purposes of testing out new Chuck E. Cheese foods. Some locations may also serve alcoholic beverages such as beer.

The other main draw for the brand is the animatronic show, though in recent times it has seen less of a focus than usual. From the formation of the company through the mid 1990s, it was typically the main focus, however. Several different styles are used depending on when the store opened, if it has been renovated, along with many other decisive factors.

The first location which opened in 1977, the characters of the animatronic show were always featured in framed portraits that hung on the walls of the dining area. This style is no longer used in any location. The show featured Crusty the Cat – who was the first character to see retirement – Jaspet T. Jowls, Pasqually the singing chef, as well as Chuck E. Cheese. Crusty retired in 1978 and was promptly replaced by Mr. Munch the Purple Pizza Eater.

Later, restaurants would include shows in similar vein to cabaret in each of the rooms of the restaurant.

Chuck E. Cheese is perfect for a casual night out for the whole family. It is even better when you can save money with Chuck E. Cheese coupons. There are a couple of different places where you can find the coupons. Often, the Sunday newspaper will have a page of coupons in the savings circular. The page of coupons often has several deals for family meal combinations that include pizza, drinks, and tokens for a discounted price. There are also coupons available that will give you bonus tokens with the purchase of a certain amount of tokens. Often, the same coupons that can be found in your Sunday newspaper coupon circular can also be found on the internet. On the Chuck E. Cheese website,, there is a special section for printing out coupons that are customized to your specific location. By entering in your state and which location you plan to visit within that state, several coupons for various meal deals will be displayed for printing. You can print these coupons as many times as you want, making it easier than ever to save money on frequent trips to Chuck E. Cheese.

Another great way to save is by registering online for coupons on the Chuck E. Cheese website. When you register your child’s birthday, you will get an email with special coupons for your child on the week of their birthday. Often the coupons will include free tokens for the child. You can get additional savings when you book a birthday party at the restaurant, including more free tokens. Once you have registered with Chuck E. Cheese, you will immediately receive an email that includes a coupon for their most discounted meal package, so the savings starts right away! Chuck E. Cheese will continue to regularly email you with coupons and promotions, including reward certificates. A child who has done a number of book reports, or has gone to bed by themselves for a month straight can print out a certificate that their parents can sign and bring into the restaurant to redeem their free tokens. This positive reinforcement is a great idea to help parents reward their children for a job well done!