Chipotle Logo Chipotle Mexican Grill is a fast-casual Mexican restaurant. It was founded in 1993 in Denver, Colorado by a man named Steve Ells, who now serves as both the founder and CEO of Chipotle. The initial restaurant was a modest success and continued to grow throughout the West and Midwest. In 1998, Chipotle hit big and was invested in by the McDonalds Corporation. It then took the majority of the control the next year and holds a 90 percent investment in the company.

Chipotle continues to grow in popularity and is one of the leading chains of its kind. Customers can expect to see nearly 100 new restaurants opening up each year, with already 400 eateries in 20 different states. But it’s not just the fast-food version of Mexican dishes and being backed by the multibillion dollar McDonalds Corporation that makes Chipotle a popular eatery. Founder and CEO, Ells has an intuitive and smart nature when it comes to serving healthy food to his customers.

Chipotle is most known for its fast-casual Mexican dishes, primarily burritos, tacos and fajitas. These three choices can be customized using beef, shredded pork, chicken, steak, or grilled vegetables. There are also dozens of toppings to choose from, including shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, corn, guacamole, rice, and beans. The food is fresh and delicious and made to order. Best of all, customer’s checks average $8.50 for a meal and drink, and the portion sizes are rather large.

Not only is the food good, but it’s healthy too. In the early 2000’s, Ells began introducing organic foods into his menu. Yellow corn was replaced with white corn, chicken was now antibiotic-free, beef came from naturally raised cows, and rice and beans were from organic sources. To keep up with the latest trends, customers even had the choice to build their favorite dishes in bowls, ditching the high-carb tortilla shells. Ells continues to be a prime decision-maker in the sources of his restaurants’ food and because of this, customers know they are getting great food that’s healthy, too.

Although many of Chipotle’s locations are in the West and Midwest, restaurants reach from both coasts. Some of the states with the most locations include Illinois, Indiana, California, Florida and Virginia. As Chipotle continues to grow, expect more locations to be turn up all over the country, and possibly all over the world!

One of the unique things about Chipotle is that it reaches out to other local companies, businesses and universities. This is one way to find great deals at Chipotle and perhaps even get a meal for free. What Chipotle does is partner itself with another business and offers customers a free burrito for stopping by. They also hand out free meal coupons to college students and nearby businesses.

Chipotle also runs in-restaurant events where you can collect a free meal just by participating or showing up. One great example – anyone who showed up as a Mexican food item on Halloween received a free burrito! Also choose to do a quick search online looking for legit Chipotle coupons. Of course, any fraudulent coupons will not be accepted by Chipotle.