Cheesecake Factory Logo.The Overtons, owners of the Cheesecake Factory have accomplished what everyone considers the great American dream. Using just their own money and the drive and creativity that they were born with, two people, Oscar and Evelyn built a successful restaurant chain based on the their dream product.

Well known as a remarkable cook, Evelyn Overton had a cheesecake recipe that many people loved and wated. She began a small factory in Detroit Michigan. She had two children and to be a good mother, she believed that it was necessary for her to take some time away from the shop to raise her children. In order to be what she considered the right kind of mom, she gave up the shop and went back home full time, where she began to bake her products in the basement of their home.

In the mid nineteen seventies, when they considered their children grown, both Overtons, who were then in their fifties decided to move themselves and their cheesecake to the city of Los Angeles. They had minimal savings but used the last of it to open a cheesecake store.

There followed some very hard years when they weren’t entirely sure they were going to make it, but they did. Los Angeles loved their cheesecakes as much as the city of Detroit had done.

Today more than twenty kinds of cheesecakes as well as other amazing dessert treats await you at the Cheesecake Factory.

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Now, less than 35 years after they began their quest to offer a great dessert to the American public, the Cheesecake Factory serves customers in more than 150 locations all across the United States.

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