Captain D's Logo.

History of Captain D’s

The sign that welcomes everyone into a Captain D’s restaurant includes a giant orange fish with the words “Est.1969.” The sign is telling the truth. Captain D’s was born in 1969 under a slightly different moniker: Mr. D’s. Over the years, Mr. became Captain, but the great food served in that little seafood kitchen remains the same today.

In the beginning, the goal of the Mr. D’s seafood kitchen was to offer seafood as a fast food. Seafood is traditionally cooked more slowly than your average McDonald’s cheeseburger, so at the time, this idea was somewhat of a novelty. Fast seafood: Only if it’s running from a shark. Captain D’s is still swimming merrily along in 2010. It’s safe to say that they took a challenging idea and made it delicious. They offer shrimp, fish, clams, and oysters to customers just driving by.

What started as one Mr. D’s in Donelson, Tennessee became 600 Captain D’s restaurants in 23 states and a few countries. Captain D’s is affectionately known as a seafood kitchen. It looks cute on the logo and it sounds cute when people say it out loud. It will always be known as a seafood kitchen to most people. No matter how many there are in the world, each one is operated with care, and the food is quality seafood prepared quickly, just like it was back in Donelson, Tennessee.

Captain D’s Specialties

Captain D’s specializes in making delicious seafood for the traveler just passing by. That was the goal in 1969 and it’s a goal that they’ve perfected in 2010. You’re welcome to go inside Captain D’s for a nice, sit-down meal, but don’t feel bad if you grab a platter of shrimp scampi and hurry off into the night. They won’t mind. The vibe of the place is casual and fun. It’s a seafood place, so you’re going to see nets.

Over the years, Captain D’s has created a few signature menu items, aptly dubbed classics by their website. A few favorites of all mankind are the shrimp skewers, ½ pound clam platter, and oyster dinner. They’re one of the few seafood places with the good sense to sell oysters. Most places stopped this practice long ago. These items have been on the menu the longest, but for seafood explorers, you can try some new dishes like the coconut shrimp or the blue bay crab cake dinner. Don’t be afraid of trying new flavor sensations at this place. Your taste buds will thank you for being adventurous and your wallet will thank you for finding something even cheaper than you had the last time you ate here.

The menu frequently changes so that customers can get a great offer on something new. A new item will typically be discounted so that a lot of people will give it a try.

Captain D’s Love Kids and Seniors

Kids eat free on Thursday at participating Captain D’s. Sunday and Wednesday is the day the seafood kitchen honors its senior guests. They get any one of ten select meals and a drink for only $4.49. This ongoing super coupon makes many people happy during the week.

Captain D’s Coupons

The Captain D’s website is swimming in clubs and coupons. Anyone who exits their website without saving wasn’t looking hard enough. D’s Club is a Captain D’s club for people who are big fans of their seafood menu. When you sign up, you get exclusive offers sent to your email. Better yet, they tell you about new menu items before the general public get to hear about it.

The official website has a handy Specials & Promos section that alerts visitors to the current special at Captain D’s. You’ll always find a way to save under this section of the website. Visit it often and with a lot of enthusiasm.

Local newspapers frequently carry coupons to nearby Captain D’s restaurants. When you sign up for the club, you might receive snail mail offers too. There are plenty of ways to save by visiting the Captain D’s website and joining the D’s club. It will give you everything you need to save money during each visit to Captain D’s.