Burger King Logo.Burger King was started in 1954 by James McLamore and David Edgerton. The first Burger King restaurant was opened in Miami, Florida. During its first year of operations, the restaurant’s menu consisted of hamburgers, French fries, soda pop and milkshakes. In 1957, Burger King introduced its signature product known worldwide as The Whopper. Burger King creatively expanded it restaurants all over the world through franchising. It is known throughout the United States as Burger King and internationally it is know as Burger King Corporation. The company has grown into over 12,000 establishments in a total of 73 countries. It serves an average of 11.4 million customers using over 37,000 employees. Although Burger King has expanded tremendously, it is headquartered in its hometown, Miami, Florida.

Although there have been many menu items added to Burger King’s menu, the Whopper is still its signature product. Customers have a choice of ordering the classic whopper with one hamburger patty, or they can order the double or tripled patty. These sandwiches can be ordered with or without cheese. The whopper can be ordered with fries and drink which Burger King calls a value meal. Other items on the menu that can be ordered as value meals include chicken and fish sandwiches. Burger King has also added a veggie burger to their menu. Other side items include onion rings, cheesy tots and funnel cake rings with icing. Burger King also serves a variety of breakfast items including sausage and egg sandwiches with hash browns. Many of their menu items can be adjusted to the customer’s taste which matches Burger King’s slogan, “Have it your way.”

Customers can obtain Burger King’s coupons offline and online. Customers who receive the newspaper can receive a coupon by searching the coupon leaflets placed in the paper. Many times customers can save $1.00 or more or they can obtain a buy one whopper, get another whopper free coupon. The buy one, get one free deals can apply to any Burger King menu item. Also, customers can simply watch the signs on the marquee of Burger King restaurants to see what savings specials are running for the day, week or month.

Another way customers can get coupons offline is by checking their mail regularly. One never knows when Burger King may decide to mail customers special savings in the form of coupons. Burger King’s coupons can also be found in coupon books that are usually sold as fundraisers for a good cause. Customers can also ask their family and friends to purchase Burger King’s gift cards for their birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions.

Customers can also find coupons online, as mentioned earlier. They can begin by visiting Burger King’s website which may occasionally list coupons. Also, companies who want consumers who dine out frequently to take surveys may give customers a Burger King coupon in return for their time and work. Customers may receive a $5.00 or more gift card in return for a certain amount of surveys they take.