Bounty Company History

Life is messy sometimes, and thanks the high source for paper towels. One of the best brands that you can buy because they are super absorbent is Bounty paper towels. Bounty products are made by Procter & Gamble, an American Fortune 500 company located in Cincinnati, Ohio. P&G manufactures consumer’s goods in a wide range, for many uses. One of the most advertised paper towels is Bounty. P&G spends a lot of money and effort in advertising campaigns and commercials for this favorite brand of paper towels. We are all familiar with the famous jingle “The quickest picker –upper … Bounty.”

Bounty towels are made from trees processed to make a pulpwood. Soft woods such as pine and spruce are used. This pulp has to be cleaned and bleached to remove the natural glue and make it absorbent and fibrous. This pulp then goes into a paper machine to be shaped. They add a resin substance to strengthen it and then, the water is removed to form sheets of paper. Two layers of paper are combined with adhesive and then, it is embossed so small pockets of air can attract moisture. Next, they add the diamond quilted design to make it attract water much more. Bounty is not made with recycled materials; it is made from virgin woods from trees, so it is not that environmentally friendly.

Bounty paper towels have come a long way since its introduction into the market. They are sold in the United States and Canada. They come in a variety of styles for different uses.

  • Bounty White is the original paper towel, the first in the market. Strong, durable enough that you can wet it and reuse it, and of cloth-like feeling to the touch. Very absorbent.
  • Bounty Select a Size is thick and absorbent and comes divided in small sizes so you can choose how much you want to use. It saves you money and waste. It is as strong and durable as the regular Bounty.
  • Bounty Extra Soft is tough on messes, but at the same time soft enough that you can wipe your child’s face with it, without causing irritation of the skin. It is of a cloth-like softness but also strong.
  • Bounty Prints is exactly what the name suggests. It comes in pretty and adorable prints to make our cleaning a happy one. It is absorbent and strong with many beautiful designs. You will find designs of foods items, puppies, cats, butterflies, Chinese fortune cookies, teapots, and even fruits and preserves. The designs are cute and make you enjoy the use of the paper towel. It also gives a little bit of “good looks” to your kitchen.
  • Bounty Basic is what its name suggests, a very basic one-ply paper towel, but still strong, enough to hold thru the cleaning process. It also comes in different prints and colors.
  • Bounty also has a napkin product. Bounty Quilted Napkins are soft and absorbent to handle the messes of food.

There is a Bounty towel for many uses and needs. You can learn more about the product by visiting its website at Here you will find information about the different Bounty towels and consumer ratings. You can find some news about the latest designs and you can even make a Bounty Honey Do List design. There are also some holiday projects that you can enjoy making, and videos. There is also a section for craft ideas that your family will enjoy. The site also includes a section for frequently asked questions and how to contact Procter and Gamble if you cannot find the answer you are looking for.

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