Bob Evans Logo.The first Bob Evans Restaurant opened in Ohio in 1962. Located primarily in the East North Central, Mid-Atlantic and Southern regions of the United States, there are now more than 700 Bob Evans Restaurant locations including both Bob Evans and Mimi’s Café Restaurants. The restaurant concept became a reality after founder, Bob Evans, began serving breakfasts to visitors to his farm in the late 1940s. The number of visitors increased dramatically and Bob built a restaurant with only a dozen stools to meet their needs. This first restaurant was named The Sausage Shop.

Bob Evans restaurants still today have the farm-like décor with a red roof and awnings covering the entrance. The Bob Evans signature logo sits above the porches or entryways. The homey restaurants include large and small tables and booths large enough for families. The wait staff at Bob Evans wears traditional black and white wait staff attire.

The reputation of the Bob Evans restaurants was built on their breakfasts including their signature coffee. The breakfast menu includes hearty fare such as 3-egg omelets, hotcakes and sausage and the traditional Rise and Shine. The Rise and Shine is Bob Evans’ most popular breakfast and includes two eggs, Bob Evans own brand of sausage (or bacon for the anti-sausage crowd), home fries and biscuits. The breakfast menu is vast and very diverse and even includes a special over-55 menu.

Lunch at Bob Evans is also hearty including specialty sandwiches, steak burgers, salads, soup combos and the famous piled-high, Knife and Fork Sandwiches (so big, you need silverware to eat it!). Dinners at Bob Evans are not for the faint of appetite and consist of pastas, sandwiches and their trade-mark Deep Dish Dinners such as Pot Roast Beef Stew and Chicken and Noodles. The dessert menu features farm favorite pies such as apple and coconut cream. There is also a children’s menu and a carry-out menu.

Bob Evans product coupons are available on the restaurant’s website and may also be included in the coupon section of the Sunday newspaper. You can save money on Bob Evans sausage and other grocery products. Money saving coupons and other promotional discounts that can be obtained to use in the restaurants are available at the Coupon Connector website. As well, Bob Evans restaurants feature every day value meals for $5.99. These meals consist of the Deep Dish Pasta for lunch or dinner or the hotcakes for breakfast. There are more than twelve meals on the $5.99 every day value menu which can save a family or an individual some money.