We know there isn’t a sure fire method to taking weight off. Finding the one that works for you…that’s the real challenge. Since I am a milk drinker…this one interested me.
24/24 milk website states there are studies which show you can tip the scales in your favor by drinking 24 ounces of fat free or low fat milk a day.

the 24/24 weight loss plan is quite simple:

  1. cut calories
  2. burn calories
  3. drink 24 ounces of milk per 24 hours

The average expected weight loss is between 1 and 2 pounds a week. When I read that, made me think, this sounds like a realistic weight loss program.

This site is also giving away 24 trips to Nasau. This contest just started today (January 9th) There is nothing to buy. I’ve never been lucky…but it would be nice to think I may have lead a winner to the site!!!

This site offers a lot of free information. They have tips and tools as well as actvity ideas. They also have a 24-day recipe plan. I enjoyed this very informative site. Definitely worth checking out.