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Last Updated: Tuesday, December 27, 2011
Weight Loss Success:  Diets And Programs

Most people have tried a variety of diets, incorporating different healthy foods into their diets with little results. Eating the right foods and exercising can have a positive impact on your weight and help you to reach your weight loss goals. People set themselves up for failure

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Last Updated: Tuesday, December 27, 2011
Reduce Stress Through Meditation

Stress is an issue for many people living in the fast and furious 21st century. Many people when they are stressed, turn to food as a method of relief. This results in unwanted weight gain. There are techniques to manage and effectively reduce stress. One of stress reduction method

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Lap Band Surgery

The Lap Band system is an adjustable gastric banding system that restricts the amount of food your stomach can hold at one time. This means that you can lose wait gradually and keep that weight off. This system works without any stomach cutting or stapling and is easily adjustable.

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Free Weight Loss Studies & Diet Clinical Trials

Have you ever wondered where Universities and Drug Companies find people to participate in their weight loss clinical trials? By utilizing the internet, companies and universities open these studies to a wide audience. Trying all types of weight loss programs, pills, and diets can

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Lose Weight By Lowering Your Insulin Level

Many people are probably unaware that they can lose weight by lowering their insulin levels. Revelations about insulin’s role in weight control and overall health have helped many people successfully lose pounds when other methods have failed. Scientific studies demonstrate that

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Lose Weight Fast Following Four Steps

It would be an understatement to say that we are living in an era of fast foods take-outs, ready made meals and dishes filled with preservatives and additives. We are a nation always on the go and as a consequence our eating habits have been dramatically altered. However, it doesn’t

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How To Lose 10 Pounds In One Month

Many people struggle to lose weight for one main reason: they fail to set concrete goals. Instead of specifying an exact and quantifiable goal, plan, and deadline, they content themselves with vague targets like, “I want to lose weight.” This is no way to win. To be successful

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Best Exercises To Lose Weight

Finding the best workout routine for weight loss can seem like a difficult proposition, but it is actually pretty simple to figure out. Loosing pounds is all about how many calories you burn equaling out to more than the amount of calories you take in. A good diet can help you lower

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Cal Pozo Biography

Cal Pozo, Exercise and Fitness pioneer Cal Pozo is a fitness instructor, choreographer, director and producer of best selling exercise videos. He was born in 1946 in Cuba and moved to the US in 1960. Though he has been dancing since his early teens Cal made sure education was a priority,

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Research on Obesity in the United States

How much does obesity cost the United States? See the following infographic for details. It highlights work and health care costs by state, as well as comparing the states to one another. Arizona, where it is hot, has the lowest percent of obese people in the country. Either the

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