Zaxby's Logo.Founded in Statesboro, Georgia in 1990 and headquartered in Athens, Zaxby’s is a company that has its roots firmly implanted in the Southeastern United States. Though it was originally a small venture started by two individual owners, Zaxby’s has grown to become a large national chain at this point in its history. It is now franchised, as individual stores are owned by individuals across southern states like Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, and Virginia. In total, the company has nearly 500 locations in those areas, and it has recently expanded into Texas with a store opening within the last year. People who use Zaxby’s coupons can do so at their themed locations, as each one of the restaurants has a different theme with different, random objects on the walls.

If you are using Zaxby’s coupons, then you are surely using them to take advantage of the restaurants wings and its chicken fingers. The company has been very creative in how it uses these two items, as it has created platters, sandwiches, snacks, and even salads to include chicken fingers and wings. As one might expect, the company has a wide range of sauces and flavors that the wings and chicken fingers can be cooked in, and it also offers a host of dipping sauces for those people who would like to add something to their meal. Though Zaxby’s is not the first company to center itself on chicken fingers, it has been the most successful to date. Additionally, people who use Zaxby’s coupons often will understand that the company does not consider itself to be a “fast food” chain in the traditional sense. The meals are made to order, and the restaurants warn customers to expect longer wait times than your run of the mill McDonald’s.

Additionally, Zaxby’s is becoming more and more known for its wide range of choices. Though it was originally just a place to get chicken fingers, it has now become a place with a number of good salads and a host of different sandwiches. One might use Zaxby’s coupons to get the kickin’ chicken sandwich or maybe even the bourbon chicken sandwich, both of which are highly popular menu items at the current time. Zaxby’s is one company that is not afraid to change up its menu and add things that might be somewhat risky, though it does keep the most popular items on the menu at all times.

There are many different popular locations that you might want to check out if you are driving through the South any time soon. Since the company was founded in Statesboro, that location is still near and dear to the hearts of founders Zach McLeroy and Tony Townley. They routinely visit the location near Georgia Southern University and it is one place where the food is always top of the line. Additionally, Athens has an excellent location not far from the Zaxby’s headquarters in that city. The locations throughout the state of Florida have a very “college” feel, as well, as they support whichever university is closest during the season. The Tallahassee location, for instance, sports Florida State University gear on the walls, while the Gainesville location features Florida Gator apparel. This is one of the staples of the restaurants that visitors will need to get used to.

Zaxby’s has been known to have some interesting celebrations where people can use special Zaxby’s coupons to get good deals. Though these are not “seasonal” in nature, they tend to fall around the time of major sporting events. During the Super Bowl, for instance, you can get Zaxby’s coupons that make it much easier to purchase a platter of wings or something similar. These free coupon codes tend to pop up with little warning.

If you are looking for Zaxby’s coupons, then you have a few options. Though there is no official loyalty program, those who visit the company’s website often will sometimes see coupons that can be printed out. Additionally, many Zaxby’s locations are known to rely heavily on newspaper coupon advertising. Because of the franchised nature of the company, the coupon strategy tends to depend upon which location you are dealing with, as owners make their own choices on advertising.