I’ve been reading this book called Small Miracles. It has many two page stories of things most of us would call coincidences that have happened in peoples lives. I wanted to share the one that happened to me yesterday.

As I said yesterday, I was going to volunteer at the center for young moms. It’s open from 11-2. Anyway, I had to stay until 4 to hand out the Easter baskets. I knew these women I was working with thought someone else was going to be there. When they found out it was me…they were shocked. I wondered how I was going to lock up because neither one of them were going to give up their keys.

Believe it or not…one of the clients walked in with a set of keys that had our office name on them. They had found them laying in the grass. I thought…oh my….God’s answer to my prayer. There was my small miracle. Today, I took the keys to the executive director because I knew someone would be missing them. They were hers. She said…where did you get these….I definetly remember putting them in my purse.

It’s funny how God has a way of working things out. This just showed me how much He is in control of my life. I’ve got to just put this weight loss in His hands and quit fretting so much about it. God helped me to quit smoking 9 months ago…He can help me lose weight too.