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The History of Velveeta

Kraft likes to begin the historical timeline of Velveeta cheese in the year 1928. That was the year Kraft began advertising its newly purchased line of smooth, creamy Velveeta cheese. Shockingly enough, Kraft did not develop the original recipe for the Velveeta cheese that so many of us depend on for good times at picnics. The true mastermind behind Velveeta cheese is genius immigrant Emil Frey. The year was 1918. For cheese lovers around the world, 1918 is very much like 1492 when Columbus discovered America, only Emil Frey discovered Velveeta cheese and it tastes better than 1492.

Kraft foods took over the production and marketing of Velveeta cheese in 1928. It was advertised as a health food and began its road to food fame as one of Kraft’s all-time greatest foods.


Velveeta specializes in cheese. The recipe is ungodly delicious and can be used to top off almost any meat, vegetable, pasta, or rice to make it into something special for the whole family. If you walk by Velveeta cheese in a grocery store, you will hear at least three people whispering “oh my God, I love Velveeta cheese,” the instant they notice they’re in the Velveeta cheese isle. It is a law of grocery shopping science.

Velveeta has evolved from its original block form into dozens of Velveeta cheese products, each of them containing the most important ingredient: Velveeta cheese.

  • Velveeta shells and cheese: This is the pinnacle of Velveeta combos
  • Velveeta mashed potatoes: Velveeta on mashed potatoes is great
  • Velveeta scalloped potatoes: Even better
  • Velveeta shells and cheese bacon: Only bacon can compare with Velveeta cheese in terms of taste flavor explosion sensations. God bless Velveeta for this.

The technological world of today has taken a product born in 1918 and propelled it into a new realm of greatness. One of the other specialties of Velveeta is their seamless incorporation into the Facebook World. There is nothing more entertaining, or appropriate, than a Facebook account that is dedicated solely to the praise of Velveeta cheese. Instructions for how to join this select group of people is listed on Kraft’s website. Once you join, you can learn interesting facts about Velveeta cheese, read news about Velveeta cheese, and praise Velveeta cheese in the comments section. It’s best to do all three to get the full Velveeta meets Facebook experience.

If Velveeta’s specialty is cheese, the secret behind the success is its creamy, smoothness. What begins as a hard block of cheese that can break glass becomes a velvety, melted cheese that can warm the heart of even the most finicky eater. Velveeta cheese is one of those foods that are so good people find comfort just by tasting it. This may sound like exaggeration. It’s not. There really is something special about Velveeta cheese.

Velveeta Coupon Codes & Promotional Discount Offers

Saving money on Velveeta cheese is important. Good things don’t come cheap. For people who consume many Velveeta products and blocks of cheese per month, it’s a good idea to locate Velveeta coupons online and offline. Kraft hands out Velveeta coupons once in awhile, but not enough. You can visit the Velveeta section of the Kraft foods website or try to catch a Velveeta coupon on the regular Kraft’s food website. They’re not predictable in allotting coupons, so you’ll have to really stay on top of things to nab one of those coveted Velveeta coupons.

Velveeta cheese is extremely popular in grocery stores. Grocery stores know this. You can almost always find a Velveeta coupon in a grocery store sales paper. By offering Velveeta at a reduced price, they keep many happy grocery shoppers, and cheese lovers, returning to their store. Check your local newspaper coupon section for plenty of Velveeta coupons, too. For some at-home chefs, Velveeta ranks up there with bread and eggs as a regular ingredient. Offering savings on Velveeta products helps everyone.

There are online coupon sites that offer printable coupons for Velveeta products, but if possible, visit the official Kraft website. Official coupons are always legitimate and up to date. Many online coupons expire quickly. You don’t want to be without your Velveeta cheese savings for the week.