Teeth Whitening Overview

When teeth are brand new, they are covered by a bright, beautiful layer of enamel that covers the yellow layer of dentin that lives beneath. Over time, enamel wears away, slowly exposing the yellow layer of dentin and harming the appearance of teeth. Today, there are ways to recover the original shiny, new appearance of teeth. Tooth whitening products are popular for a big reason: They work. If your teeth have been suffered from years of wear, you don’t have to look far to find a great product to help you restore your teeth to their natural color.

Over the years, teeth whitening products have evolved from dentist-only applications to over-the-counter products that you can purchase from major stores like Wal-mart and K-Mart. The convenience of being able to do your own teeth whitening treatments has made many more people interested in this type of teeth care. For some, teeth whitening treatment at home is as routine as brushing teeth. It’s simply a part of keeping teeth looking their best.

White Teeth.

Listerine Whitening Products

Listerine has recognized the need for teeth whitening products and introduced a whole line of products designed to help people get rid of discoloration. They offer everyday whitening rinses that give you continuous whitening care and a powerful brand of teeth whitening strips that will restore the natural shine of your teeth.

Thankfully, Listerine also offers great teeth whitening coupons on their website. They have an ongoing daily offer that gives everyone the opportunity to save on their many whitening products. The list of these products are updated daily or weekly to offer savings on different varieties of their teeth whitening products. This helps people who like to try products before they become loyal to them.


Colgate’s teeth whitening strips are already well-established in the community of people who use these products. They’ve been around for several years now and people report great success with them. Colgate is one of the more generous companies thriving right now and they offer a great program called “Smiletalk” that gives fans of their whitening products the chance to smile big and save at the same time.

When people sign up for Smiletalk, they get access to exclusive online coupons for Colgate whitening products. For people who don’t want to sign up, Colgate is still willing to share lots of savings. They have daily offers posted just below their Smiletalk signup form.


Crest 3D White is one of the most well-known whitening products available today. It’s for a reason. This is one of the most powerful products of its kind, and Crest has been in the tooth whitening business as long as anyone. They’ve had time to perfect their formula and listen to the wants and needs of consumers who need this type of product.

Crest doesn’t require any type of signup to receive their Crest coupons. They simply post them on their website under special offers. For people who use their products regularly and who need extra special savings more often, Crest has a program called offers-by-email that routinely sends out exclusive offers to members of their club. They have fun contests for members, too. For people who are interested in staying on top of their dental care, newsletter reminders are sent out whenever a new toothbrush head is needed. Currently there is a $500 sweepstakes running on the Colgate site to reward members who are interested in getting reminders and taking better care of their teeth.

Other areas for teeth whitening coupons

Local stores frequently offer coupons for teeth whitening products like the ones listed above. You can simply clip and save on them during your next trip to the grocery store. Newspapers will be another goldmine of teeth whitening coupons for your collection. Finally, look at the package of your products to see if there are any special offers there. Often the companies will insert a special offer for money off your next purchase. Proofs of purchase can sometimes be saved to go toward an offer in the future.

By matching in store discounts with coupons you can save money on a wide range of teeth whitening products – which includes the above mentioned brands, Rembrant, AquaFresh, Zoom, and more. Tooth whitening offers are not in short supply. Research your products, pick out a favorite, and be on the lookout. Savings are everywhere and who better to find them than you?