Tampax Logo.Tampax at one time located in Palmer, Massachusetts. Tampax operated more than fifty years ago from Massachusetts, but the headquarters were in New York. Tampax provided medical supplies in the form of would bandages during World War II. Proctor and Gamble purchased Tampax in 1997. At the time of purchase Tampax was extremely popular with women in North America. Throughout the past fifty years Proctor and Gamble have grown considerably in size. Proctor and Gamble has purchased a number of different corporations that manufacture both personal and household products. Tide, Iams dog and cat food, Oil of Olay Products, Pringles and Pantene are all a part of the P & G family of produced products. These products are found today in almost all homes and many businesses. Here are some tips on how to find and best use Tampax coupons.

Tampax is a product used exclusively by women. Millions of retailers stock Tampax because of its high quality and satisfaction from repeat customers. These sanitary products are affordable and have a long shelf life. Coupons are a great way to lower costs on household items.

Coupons can be purchased from a number of coupon clipper websites. These websites allow for the purchase of specific coupons. EBay is a good place to purchase multiple copies of Tampax coupons very inexpensively. Shipping costs is low for mailed coupons. Shipping time is usually very fast, due to the coupons normally being sent in a stamped first class mail envelope.

The Proctor and Gamble company puts out a coupon insert several times each month in the Sunday paper. These inserts usually have hundreds of dollars in household savings within one circular. Write out the date of the Sunday circular and file the coupons away.

Watch for good sales on Tampax products. Always try to have a few Tampax coupons available. When the Tampax go on sale combine the store sale with the Tampax coupons. It is not necessary to clip out all of the coupons from the circular, only the coupons for products that will be purchased at the next shopping trip. Use and envelop or coupon organizer to hold the coupons and sales receipts.

There are certain times during the year when Proctor and Gamble comes out. The coloring of the packaging may change, or the product has been improved. Sometimes the company will have coupons for all Tampax products when a new one is unveiled.

Some drugstores offer rebates by check. Rite Aid for example has mail in rebates that can be completed online or by mail. Paying attention to Tampax sales can lead to saving quite a bit on this monthly expense. Use these tips to help benefit from Tampax coupons.