Taco Bell LogoYou don’t have to head south of the border to get great Mexican food at a cheap price. Taco Bell is a fast food restaurant chain who’s specialty is tasty and spicy Mexican dishes. Dating back to 1946, Glen Bell was a World War II veteran who tried to live out his dream by opening up a hamburger and hot dog joint in San Bernardino, California. Unbeknownst to him, the McDonald brothers were attempting the same idea and making it big.

To kick up his competition, Bell switched over to serving tacos, and focused more on selling them by volume instead of making and stuffing them to order. He also chose to open his fast-food location in a Mexican neighborhood so that if the idea took off, competitors would assume that the restaurant chain was successful because of its location and wouldn‘t steal his idea.

Taco Bell continued to grow in popularity, beating out its other sources of competition and promoting a different menu than McDonalds. But it wasn’t until the late 1970’s when PepsiCo purchased Taco Bell that the biggest changes were made. This Mexican fast food chain adopted the bright, shiny bell logo and offered consumers a tasty alternative to burgers and fries. Today, Taco Bell is still going strong, bringing in billions of dollars each year.

Taco Bell prides themselves on a clean and friendly atmosphere, that serves hot and fresh Mexican food at a great price. With their latest motto of “Think Outside the Bun”, Taco Bell has plenty of menu items that they are best known for. Tacos, burritos, chalupas, and gorditas are a few of the favorites menu choices that can be stuffed with pork, chicken or beef. What consumers love best about Taco Bell is the wide range of choices that make the meal your own, such as a hard shell or soft, a range of hot and fiery sauces, and nachos slathered in cheese.

Driving through the U.S., you can find a Taco Bell just about anywhere. Because of their fast food origins, Taco Bells are common in convenient locations, such as near highways, shopping centers and truck stops. Not only is Taco Bell a popular staple in the U.S, but they can also be found throughout the world, including such countries as Canada, Cyprus, Spain, and the Philippines.

While Taco Bell’s menu features rather inexpensive items, there are still a number of coupons available that encourage a boost in customer sales, as well as sampling new food items. For example, when the Fruitista Freeze was introduced, coupons were printed in weekly ads for a free drink. Other coupons include tacos for a low price of 69 cents or buy-one-get-one burritos. Look in the newspaper or weekly advertisements for a selection of these coupons.

You can also find coupons online, especially when a new menu item is being featured. Generally, you will have to buy one of the items to get the other one for free, but all the details are printed on the coupons. Because of fraudulent coupons, check with your Taco Bell location to ensure that they will accept online coupons.