I created the idea of a low carb potato a long long time ago. I often design original T shirts for my friends. This is the design for my low carb potato T shirt.
Spudlet: the original low carb potatoe.
evidentially this low carb craze is hurting potato farmers and they actually are going to come out with a low carb potato.

A Dutch seed company has developed a “low-carb” spud which it claims is “the future of the potato”. … Atkins Nutritionals, the company behind the diet, was skeptical about the “spud-u-lite”. A spokesman said: “Normally we wouldn’t recommend potatoes. It sounds as if you could eat these potatoes during the later stages of the diet, once you have reached your target weight.” source: Independent News in London.

I think Spudlet is a way cooler name than Spud-U-Lite. What do you think about low carb potatoes?