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Sonicare Toothbrushes

Sonicare toothbrushes are manufactured and marketed by the Philips Company. The Philips Company actually celebrated 100 years in business in 1991. The original company was founded in the Netherlands in 1891, making this a company that has truly stood the test of time. The company maintains a promise to uphold “sense and simplicity”. Their goal is to have a clear and deep understanding of their customer’s needs and aspirations to better offer innovative solutions to problems. The Sonicare toothbrush was first invented in 1987 by David Guiliani, and released for sale in November of 1992. In 2000, Philips purchased the Sonicare branding and began improving the toothbrush and taking it to the next level.

The Sonicare Teeth Cleaning Technology

Sonicare has mastered the art of the electric toothbrush. They combine a high frequency and a high amplitude bristle motions to offer a toothbrush that can actually drive cleaning fluids in between teeth, and along the gum line. Some models actually create up to 40,000 vibrations per minute. The contoured brush head is specially designed to follow the shape of the teeth, meaning that more bristles are actively at work cleaning your mouth. The movement of the brush whips the toothpaste and saliva together to form an oxygen-rich foamy liquid that will clean and polish your teeth. Bacteria have nowhere to hide because this liquid can then be forced in between teeth and even under the gum line. The rotating action also massages the gums, improving gum health through increased blood circulation and dislodging plaque.

Special toothbrushes for gum health

These brushes use sonic technology and 5 different brushing modes. The FlexCare+ will help you maintain healthy, strong gums. This toothbrush can help anyone dealing with gingivitis to slow down and ever reverse the disease. This toothbrush actually offers five different settings, depending on your need that day. “Gum care” allows you to focus on your gums. “Clean” will work on the entire mouth, while “Refresh” is ideal for a quick brushing. There are times when your teeth and gums hurt, especially if you are suffering with gingivitis. The “Sensitive” setting is ideal for those times and “Massage” is also great for relieving the discomfort of sore gums.

Special toothbrushes for children

Kids love having their own, cool toothbrushes, and Sonicare is happy to deliver. Their kid’s toothbrushes are specially designed for smaller mouths and teeth. The built-in timer allows kids to brush along with the music and helps them know when they have been brushing long enough. Two different speeds allow them to choose the one they are comfortable with. The interchangeable panels can be changed out soothe kids can create their own special brush and the anti-roll shape allows the brushes to stand upright for storage and lay flat for applying toothpaste.

Special toothbrushes for whiter teeth

With the Sonicare HealthyWhite, stains and discolorations don’t stand a chance. This brush maintains better contact with every tooth for superior cleaning. As the everyday stains are removed, your teeth will appear whiter than ever. A wider bristle range and angled neck make this brush easier and more comfortable to use, which means your teeth will become cleaner and whiter. Up to 3 modes are available to help you get the whitest teeth. After 2 minutes in the “Clean” mode, you can do another thirty seconds in the “White” mode, focusing on the fronts of your teeth. In just two weeks you will see whither teeth. There is also a “Sensitive” mode for thorough, but gentle, cleaning of sensitive teeth and gums.

Sonicare offers proven results in reduced bleeding from gingivitis, improved cleaning and whiter teeth. They also offer a money-back guarantee on their toothbrushes. The Philips website also offers printable coupons at These valuable coupons will save you ten dollars off on a new toothbrush or five dollars off on replacement brush heads. By combining these coupons with a sale at your local discount or grocery store, you can enjoy knowing that you have saved money and will save your teeth with these high-quality, effective toothbrushes.