Ponderosa Logo.Many older people remember the old popular cowboy series Bonanza, and the younger generation may have seen some reruns. This is where the names for Ponderosa Steakhouse and Bonanza Steakhouse, come from. The names originated from the series, which took place at the Ponderosa Ranch. The two businesses were separate companies that merged into a franchise called Macromedia (1997), so both names are used for the steakhouse. The first Bonanza restaurant opened in Westport, Connecticut in 1963. Dan Blocker, the actor who played Hoss in the series, founded it. The Ponderosa chain was founded in 1968 by other businessmen in Kokomo, Indiana.

The locations are throughout the United States, but also overseas. You will find these favorite steakhouses in Puerto Rico (US territory), some parts of Canada, Bahrain, Kuwait, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and UAE. If you want to know the closest location to you or if you are overseas, traveling and want to know if there might be a Ponderosa location near you, visit their website www.ponderosasteakhouses.com and enter your location in the locations tab.

This popular family restaurant offers a varied menu at excellent prices. You can find a Dine in menu, a menu to go, for kids, or seniors. Their menu includes steak, chicken, seafood, burgers, sandwiches, side dishes, and desserts. Some locations have an “All you can eat” buffet. They also offer a menu to go, with combo meals and party trays, and many more items that are delicious. They have a kids menu, which includes smaller portions and special prices for senior in certain items.

If you want to give the gift of delicious food to someone you love, give a Ponderosa gift card, which you can buy at participating locations. They can even register the card online and check their balance.

If you would like to become a Ponderosa restaurant owner, you can inquire about their franchising opportunities in the USA and other overseas locations. Visit their website for more information or inquire at this address:

Bob Hoffman, President
3701 W. Plano Parkway, Suite 200
Plano, TX 75075

You can also do your fundraising at a Ponderosa location. You can do a “Benefit Night” and they will donate ten percent of the revenue generated that night from your group to the cause, or you can do a “celebrity night” and the revenue generated by the tips of a local celebrity who waits the table that night, will go to the charity.

If you have a big group or team, you can call ahead and they will have your order ready for when you arrive.

There are always promotions going on at the Ponderosa Steakhouses. You can find out when you get to their location, you can find out ahead of time by looking it up in their website, or you can also call your favorite location ahead of time. You may be able to take some coupons with you.

To find coupons go online to your local Ponderosa website or even ask at participating locations. The official Ponderosa website, ponderosaonline.com/coupons.asp offers a coupon for a rib eye steak sandwich and fries for 3.25 or a kid’s buffet deal for 1.75, and much more.

usdiners.com/cgi-bin/findcoupon?State=MI&City=Grand+Haven coupons available at the time and you can request coupons that will be emailed to you.

In addition, you may want to check these popular coupon sites for available coupons and you can also request a coupon you want. They have new coupons everyday so check often. If you sign up, they will send you an email to links to the coupon.

  • redplum.com
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These are some of the best sources to get coupons for the Ponderosa Restaurant and other coupons of your choice.

The Ponderosa restaurants are a favorite of families all over the United States, not only for the delicious and affordable food but also because of the fun and family friendly atmosphere. Check some of these sites, print your coupons, and head out to your family Ponderosa location for a day of delicious food and family fun.