Pepsi LogoPepsi Continues to Provide Savings to Consumers

You probably have not heard of “Brad’s Drink,” but you have heard of Pepsi Cola. Founded in the rolling green hills of North Carolina in 1898 by Caleb Bradham, Pepsi was initially known as Brad’s Drink. Switching names to Pepsi has caused many to speculate that perhaps the name was changed due to the kola nuts and the pepsin ingredients in the soft drink. Over a hundred years later, Pepsi still remains a favorite amongst both adults and children for a sugary soft drink.

Pepsi enjoyed rapid acceleration in sales in the 70’s when the Pepsi Challenge was introduced. Consumers related to the thrill of the challenge and the market for Pepsi grew to a new level. In the 90’s the marketing scheme of Pepsi Stuff transformed Pepsi as a leader in a highly competitive industry. Pepsi Stuff gave consumers additional reasons to purchase the cola. From backpacks to sweaters, jackets, t-shirts, and more, this new advertisement launched by Pepsi proved to be worthwhile and profitable. Today, Pepsi is a household name all across the continent. The popular slogan, “Drink Pepsi, get stuff” was shown to be an irresistible campaign for soft drink buyers and soon, people across the nation were drinking and wearing Pepsi products.

Offering some of the most popular soft drinks in today’s market, Pepsi brands include Mountain Dew, Diet Pepsi, Wild Cherry Pepsi, SoBe, Sierra Mist, and the widely-known Auquafina bottled water. Pepsi makes it easy for consumers to buy discounted products by offering coupons in Sunday papers, online printable coupons, as well as cola coupons offered on many of the wrapping of the bottled products. Other products available for purchase also include the high-energy drink Amp, as well as Tropicana lemonades and punches, Slice, and Mug Root Beer. Consumers wanting to try different varieties of Pepsi will find Pepsi available in vanilla flavors and occasionally a cinnamon flavor offered during the holiday seasons.

To liven up holiday parties, barbeques, family gathering and get-togethers, try the different varieties of Pepsi available and use the discounted coupons to save money. For just a few dollars, using coupons, you can fill a large cooler with ice and Pepsi products and let the party begin. Download Pepsi product coupons from the Pepsico website and watch as the savings roll in. Other coupons for this selection of products can be found in your supermarket and by joining Pepsi World for additional savings. Enjoyed by children and teens, as well as adults, Pepsi is a family-known product that has been producing massive volumes of soft drink colas for over the last century. Begin your savings today and start printing out your coupons!