Nicoderm CQ Logo.Any regular smoker will be the first to tell you how much they enjoy cigarettes. When the addict lights up, his or her brain releases pleasure chemicals, creating an artificial atmosphere of calm and enhanced concentration. If cigarettes were healthy, we’d all be smoking like chimneys, but the unfortunate truth is that smoking is one of the most deadly habits on earth. Cancer, heart disease, and chronic fatigue are only a few of the dangers that arrive inside each carton of cigarettes. If you want to live a long and healthy life, the only option is to stop.

Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things to do in this life. Recovering rock star celebrity drug addicts testify that cigarettes are more difficult to kick than heroin. Thankfully, there’s Nicoderm CQ. Stopping the cigarette cycle cold turkey comes with a heavy stress load of constant cravings, fatigue, irritability, and difficulty concentrating. These factors will often times lead a person right back to the gas station for a fresh pack of smokes. The failure statistics are terrifying. Each year around thirty million people try to kick the dangerous habit, but only five percent of those people manage to stick with it longer than one year.

Many of us would like to believe that our cold turkey will power alone is enough to get the job done, but the addictive chemicals in cigarettes prove more powerful than even our greatest determination. With the Nicoderm CQ patch, the perfect amount of nicotine is released into the bloodstream, getting rid of your cravings while slowly but surely reducing the amount of nicotine until one day you are smoke and patch free. Nicoderm CQ acts as a helping hand to your will power.

Nicoderm CQ works its magic through Smart Control technology. Smart Control technology releases a slow and steady amount of nicotine into the customer’s skin that lasts for twenty four hours, ensuring that you won’t go a single second without the comfort of the patch. Each day you’ll apply a fresh patch, and the treatment continues, with ever diminishing amounts of nicotine, for eight to ten weeks. Since some folks smoke more than others, there are three different strength levels for patches. If you’re one of the lucky people who smoke five or six cigarettes each day, you’ll want to opt for the lowest strength. If you smoke a pack a day, which is standard, the medium strength may be right for you. You’ll want the strongest if you’re a three pack per day smoker. These strength levels ensure that a light smoker won’t be given too much nicotine through the patch, and a heavy smoker won’t be stressed by not enough.

Along with the patch, Nicoderm CQ offers a free plan called Committed Quitters, which is a plan customized to fit your particular needs. The Committed Quitters plan is quite valuable, as it increases the chance of success by twenty eight percent. The Nicoderm CQ website has a lot of valuable tips on it, found in three categories – Dosing Calculator, Trigger Detector, and Cravings Pacifier. There are also other important tools to help keep the customer in the quitting state of mind. Nicoderm CQ is the number one patch recommended by doctors.

Finding Nicoderm CQ coupons online can be tricky business, but they are out there. The most common coupon can be found at This coupon is interesting, as it offers a free non medicated sample patch to demonstrate the ease with which the patch can be worn on a daily basis without attracting attention or feeling uncomfortable. To sweeten the deal, the coupon also offers seven dollars off a real box of Nicoderm CQ. Click on the site’s Nicoderm button, and it will redirect you to the main coupon area for the product. You’ll have to fill out a short form first, then wait four weeks for delivery, but the savings and free non medicated sample are probably worth it. The same deal can be found at as well as a few others that will pop up after an internet search, although some don’t work. When it comes to kicking the habit, there’s no time like the present.