I can’t believe it, I got on the scale again today and I lost another two pounds. I can see this walking is paying off. Today we had the closing on the house. I went to my house for the last time to make sure I had everything out. I couldn’t believe it when I opened the washer and saw a load a clothes. I then opened the dryer and there was another load in there. It’s funny to think those clothes had been in there for three years and we never thought to check them.

I had planned on mowing that lawn one more time, but the kids we had called the other day, mowed it yesterday. I did walk around the yard though and picked up all the sticks. There are 3 huge shade trees which are always dropping twigs. I pulled a few weeds along the house. Since I didn’t have to cut the yard, I didn’t get in my 10,000 steps. Today was only 5500.

We drove about 200 miles today. I was glad to get home. I use to love riding but that has changed as I’ve gotten older. There are just too many inconsiderate people on the highways these days.