Jason's Deli LogoFor more than 30 years, Jason’s Deli has been making the best food available to customers with exacting standards. With the emphasis being on “real” food, Jason’s Deli has recently taken steps to eliminate artificial trans fats, MSG, and high fructose corn syrup from all the food it serves. They are even taking steps to provide more alternatives to soft drinks containing high fructose corn syrup. Another ongoing effort at Jason’s is using food with lower sodium content. The emphasis on real, healthy food at Jason’s has earned recognition from Parent’s magazine as one of the healthiest restaurants in America.

With over 200 locations, Jason’s Deli has the opportunity to impact a lot of communities and their residents. That’s why Jason’s Deli takes the time to seek out ways it can help those in need. Through its Real Good Box Lunch program, Jason’s Deli makes good food affordable for schools and churches. Of course they provide delivery and convenient billing methods for this service.

J.D. Pickle reward cards are given to teachers who in turn use them as incentives to help students work hard at school. Not only does Jason’s Deli help students learn, they reward achievement with good, healthy food.

Another way Jason’s Deli serves the community is by making food donations available. Since so many people and organizations are in need of food, Jason’s Deli has a donation request form at their web site that can be used to ask for food. The willingness of Jason’s Delis around the country to give to those in need is commendable, and just one more reason Jason’s Deli is one of the best places to eat.

Sponsoring non-profit efforts directly is something that Jason’s Deli enjoys doing, as in the case of the Miracle League. This league enables children with disabilities to stay active and engaged through organized sports. While Miracle League playing fields and games might not look the same as your average little league, they are of immense value to the community because they invite those with special needs to stay visible and active, contributing to the community while developing their potential.

Like most restaurants, Jason’s Deli periodically makes printable coupons available online. Although you can sign up for the Jason’s Deli email club, the best way to find these coupons online is at third party web sites such as RetailMeNot, and local business sites like JohnsCreekShopper.com. These coupons usually offer free ice cream, a gift card reward for a certain purchase amount or a discount off the price of a standard menu item. Regular coupons for Jason’s Deli are often included by community coupon services such as Val-Pak, as well as in local Sunday newspapers.