Golden Corral.One of the cool things about the restaurant industry in the United States is that you can pretty much get whatever kind of meal you want. For those looking for a good meal of home cooking or a nice steak at a solid price, Golden Corral is easily one of the top choices. When you add in the fact that there are so many Golden Corral coupons to be used for discounts, it makes going to Golden Corral a real no-brainer to be perfect honest. This company has been serving people for decades, as it was founded back in 1973. Since that time, the menu has been perfected and Golden Corral has certainly grown.

The Golden Corral restaurant is a buffet style chain in the United States that originated in Fayeteville, North Carolina in 1973. The Golden Corral website claims the chain offers the “biggest and best buffet and grill available anywhere”. Golden Corral is one of the few restaurants that does offer a buffet style meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Golden Corral is currently advertising it’s Applewood Grill on it’s website. The ad says “It’s the bacon that makes it special!”

This company is privately held and its original founder was James Maynard. At the time, he envisioned his restaurant as a place where people could come to enjoy a buffet. Now, the company has grown to include more than 500 restaurants and the company’s revenue was north of $1 billion in 2009. It has also expanded the buffet and has added a number of excellent menu choices to truly compete with some of the other restaurants out there. Golden Corral serves all three meals of the day, which serves to distinguish it from some of the other steakhouses out there.

So what is the calling card of Golden Corral? When you are picking up Golden Corral coupons, you will be able to come take advantage of a good steak. They pride themselves on preparing steak well and doing it for a reasonable price. One might get their grilled steaks in either sirloin or ribeye form, and they also offer an occasional New York strip special at times during the year. Some folks prefer to get the steak in “tip” form, as these chopped pieces are flavorful.

Additionally, one would be remiss if they did not use their Golden Corral coupons to take advantage of the buffet. The restaurant stocks the buffet with lots of items that might come off of a Thanksgiving table, including macaroni and cheese, chicken, fish, cut meats, and much more. The carving station is a staple, as Golden Corral always has a person on standby to cut a nice piece of meat if that’s what you’re looking for. All total, these are the things that you should be interested in when it comes time to use those Golden Corral coupons for your meals.

Some of the most popular Golden Corral locations are throughout the South, as one might expect with the company being headquartered there. They have recently expanded into some of the local college towns, seeking to advertise to those students who might miss their grandmother’s home cooking. Some of those include Winston-Salem, North Carolina, the home of Winston-Salem State University and Wake Forest, and Anderson, South Carolina, which is not far from Clemson University. These locations have predictably become very popular, as have some of the other college-centric locations around the country.

If you are looking for a seasonal celebration to use your Golden Corral coupons, then look to the holidays. Lots of restaurants like to do some sort of holiday promotion in an effort to offer people options around Thanksgiving and Christmas time. Golden Corral is no different, as they seek to reach out to people during those times of the year. The restaurants will be decorated accordingly, but that is not the most important fact. More importantly, they will put on holiday feasts which are a perfect time to use your Golden Corral coupons if you have them readily available.

Where are you going to find these Golden Corral coupons? You must start online, but know that there are plenty of offline options, too. If you look on the Golden Corral website, you will find a good base of coupons. They tend to offer discounts there, so you may be able to get Golden Corral coupons that give $5 off or something similar. If you want to look in the local coupon books, you can also have success. These books will feature two for one deals and things of that nature. Golden Corral is very vigilant about distributing coupons, so there is no excuse for missing out on deals.

Golden Corral coupons can be found online and sometimes in mailers that are sent out to the general public. Some of the Golden Corral coupons include a “buy one-get one free” lunch or dinner buffet. Finding a Golden Corral printable coupon online is sometimes tough but it does happen. It may also be worth your time to sign up for one of the many coupon websites that offer Golden Corral coupons as part of the package.

Golden Corral coupons also generally arrive in the Sunday paper if they are available. Sometimes Golden Corral coupons arrive in flyers in the mailbox with other assorted advertisements. Finding Golden Corral coupons requires keeping a close watch on what you get in the mail and searching through the Sunday newspaper advertisements.

Golden Corral coupons are also sometimes posted on the homepage of the official website at It is rare but if you bookmark the official site and check back every few weeks then sometimes Golden Corral coupons may be posted. Generally these Golden Corral coupons are listed as Coupon Codes.

Some cities have coupon books for purchase that include Golden Corral coupons. A good example is the Valpak coupon book in Plano, Texas which includes Golden Corral coupons for a $4.99 buffet. Another way to get Golden Corral coupons is to search EBAY for people who are selling such items. It might be well worth your time to purchase a Golden Corral coupon on a site like EBAY to save money in the long haul. These coupons appear on a seldom basis in EBAY but are usually scooped up very quickly when they do appear in auctions.

Golden Corral also offers a free “thank you” dinner for anyone who has served in the United States Military. In 2010, the Military Appreciation Day is Monday, November 15.