Fresh Step Logo.Since 1984, Fresh Step cat litter has been dedicated to providing satisfaction to cat owners everywhere.

Owning a cat is wonderful thing. Cats are independent yet affectionate, and are not as high maintenance as dogs, which require constant walking and can become distressed when the master leaves the home for the workplace or a social engagement. The only negative aspect of cat ownership is the litter box, which can produce foul smelling odors in the home and create a real mess.

The good folks at Fresh Step are of the opinion that owning a cat does not need to entail living with a foul smelling litter box. While they offer traditional cat litter, their main strength is the production of scented litter, which activates a pleasant scent each time your cat steps on it (hence the name Fresh Step). Your cat needs only to step or stretch, and the paw activated litter will mask the unpleasant smell of the box. Fresh Step cat litter also has excellent clumping strength to ensure easy cleaning. The better a litter clumps, the more convenient it is to scoop without making a hard to clean mess on the floor.

There are a few different types of litter to fit the needs of any cat owner. Fresh Step offers the refreshing scent of lavender or the mountains in their Fresh Step Scented Scoopable. Fresh Step Clay Litter neutralizes odor with carbon. Fresh Step Scoopable Litter (which also neutralizes odor with carbon) offers the clumping strength required to keep your cat’s box clean and fresh so that, with daily scooping, you won’t have to completely change out the litter box for an entire month. Fresh Step Crystals is a light weight litter, using crystals to trap the foul urine odor. According to lab tests, Fresh Step Crystals is five times more effective at trapping odor than the most popular brands of clay litter. Four pounds of Fresh Step Crystals will last your cat as long as thirty pounds of the leading clay litter.

Fresh step offers shopping rewards on its own website, Each time you purchase a specially marked box of Fresh Step litter, click on their website and enter the package code number for rewards. These are called Paw Points, and can really add up after awhile. You can get all kinds of things with your Paw Points, like free litter, toys for your cat, cleaning supplies, and a variety of books.

You generally won’t find any traditional coupons for Fresh Step cat litter online, and when you do they will be offered from the Fresh Step website itself. Websites offering Fresh Step coupons will direct you to the Fresh Step website. These coupons are printable, as you’ll need to carry them into the store with you to give to the cashier on checkout, and in the past have offered a discount of one to five dollars for a bag of litter. So make sure you have your printer ready, collect those Paw Points off the boxes, and experience the joy of a clean litter box.

Fresh Step also offers Litter Box Fresheners, which contain crystals which neutralize the odor of anything they come in contact with. Litter Box Fresheners come in Mountain Forest and Lavender Valley scents. If your cat likes to make a mess in his litter box, Fresh Step offers Litter Box Wipes, which can be used to clean up any litter that gets kicked around by your cat. Litter Box Wipes are designed to be safe to use around cats.

On the Cat Health section of the Fresh Step website, there are plenty of cat friendly articles composed by University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine graduate Jacqueline (Jacqui) C. Neilson, DVM, DACVB, with titles like How To Keep Your Kitten Happy And Healthy, and How To Find A Lost Cat. It’s clear that Fresh Step has gone the extra mile to make their company an all inclusive cat friendly organization. When you purchase specially marked boxes of Fresh Step cat litter, a portion of the money (fifty cents per box) goes to support the ASPCA in their quest to find stray cats happy and loving families to live with.