Folgers Logo.Folgers Coffee Company has been in the business of making one of the most popular coffee’s in the United States for more than 150 years. Folgers was founded around 1850 in California. San Francisco has been the base for Folgers coffee since it began. The Folgers Coffee group entered into a merger with the Smuckers company several years ago.

The Folgers family entered California in search of gold in the latter part of 1849. Lacking the funds to pay for the family to be sent out to the mining towns after arriving in California, one son, James Folger stayed behind in San Francisco while his two brothers went off in search of gold.

James Folger found his own brand of gold when he went to work for the Pioneer Steam Coffee and Spice Mills. The owner hired Folger to help build since he was a very skilled carpenter. Folger worked with the Pioneer Steam company and built the on site buildings. As Folger worked for the Pioneer company he learned many valuable lessons. Until now, pre-roasted coffee was not readily available to the general public. While Folger worked with the company he saw and learned to roast the coffee and spices, and to readily offer a preroasted ground coffee for a reasonable price. This process brought less expensive coffee that was able to be bought by the masses rather than simply the more wealthy people.

James eventually did go out to the mining fields and when he returned he had made enough to become a partner in the coffee and spice company that he had helped to build.

Folgers coffee grew and expanded rapidly with the coffee and spice becoming simply coffee that today is recognized as the most smooth and rich variety that is available.

Folgers today is the number one coffee that is sold. The number one retail brand of roast coffee in America is pleased to offer coupons and rebates to both companies and individuals.

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