Fantastic Sams Logo.When men started going to hair salons rather than barber shops in the 1970s, an innovative cosmologist named Sam Ross decided to open a unisex salon. His first shop opened in 1974 and was located in Memphis, Tennessee. Two years later he began selling franchises of his popular Fantastic Sams beauty salon and the stores quickly became a favorite place for women, men and children to get a value packed and quality haircut. Today, the company holds nearly 1300 salons throughout North America and continues to add new franchises to interested entrepreneurs as markets become available.

The corporate offices of Fantastic Sams reside in Beverly, Massachusetts where major decisions about the international corporation are determined. Regional offices in several major areas including Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and Southern California maintain a staff of professionally trained and licensed directors and sales personnel. The company attracts hairstylists looking for a steady career with a paid salary, health benefits and regular hours. The program appeals particularly to new stylists who need work experience and additional training to develop their skills.

Services and Products Provided by Fantastic Sams

One of the popular aspects of Fantastic Sams includes the ability of a customer to get a haircut or styling service as a walk-in client. Although appointments may be available, most customers are seen on a first come first served basis. This practice allows the stylists to gain experience and the customer to receive services from several staff members. The stores are also favorites for families on a budget with young children or teenagers who have a simple hairstyle. Prices at Fantastic Sams franchises tend to be much less than independently owned hair salons.

Every franchised Fantastic Sams salon hires fully licensed cosmetologists. An entire spectrum of services from haircuts and styling to perms, color treatments and hair straightening are offered. Other beauty treatments such as facial waxing, shaves and styling for weddings, proms and special occasions are also performed.

With more business owners starting franchises in new locations, the need for a complete line of beauty products continues to grow. The quality products made for Fantastic Sams are formulated for men or women and categorized according to hair type, processing such as color retention and hairstyle look and trends. Each item is described at the Fantastic Sams website,

Typical Discounts and Special Promotions

Because each Fantastic Sams franchise is independently owned, special promotions and discounts are often unique to a specific location. Salons in some locations offer discounts to seniors over age 60 during the week. Other incentives may include ladies’ days or men’s days when special services such as deep conditioning or neck shaves are included at no cost. The company provides a standard website that may be embellished if the salon owner wants to add special promotions. Customers should look for the website for a local Fantastic Sams to find hours, rates and unique discounts.

Where to Find Coupons for Fantastic Sams

Many local newspapers include weekly specials with advertising supplements, particularly in the Sunday edition. There may be coupons for Fantastic Sams that offer an adult haircut for $14.00, a kid’s cut for $13.00 and a $2.00 reduction for a color treatment. Another source of coupons can often be found through direct mailings of Value Pack or at their website, . Look for the bright blue envelope in the mail that arrives in many communities every month.

The information at offers customer reviews and links to printable coupons for hair treatments and products. At the website,, generic Fantastic Sams coupons may be printed and used at any of their salons for discounts primarily on haircuts. Coupons for Fantastic Sams often include an expiration date so customers need to be careful to fulfill the discount in a timely manner.

After visiting a salon and paying for a service, the stylist or the receptionist may offer a coupon for the next treatment. These may also be time sensitive but could provide a discount for another family member’s cut or beauty treatment. Some salons offer a discount to first time customers or an added discount for a haircut if a more expensive color treatment is requested.