Ensure Logo.Ensure is a brand owned by Abbott Nutrition, which was founded 1903 to produce nutritious, high quality products for a healthier life. Abbott Laboratories is a large pharmaceutical company with its corporate headquarters in Abbott Park, Illinois. The company has diversified into many areas, including nutrition, which includes Ensure. Many of their products are aimed at a specific goal, whether that is health as a new mother and many aimed at children’s health. There are also products to increase calcium, digestive health, and control weight. Because Abbott Nutrition has wide resources in the medical field, its products have nutritionists’ input and the Ensure website has a connection to a nutritionist who will answer your questions.

Ensure products include Ensure, Ensure Plus, Ensure High Protein, and Ensure High Calcium. Each drink comes with a blend of vitamins, minerals, fiber, immune system support from ImmunBalance, heart health supplements such as Omega-3’s, and digestive health. The shakes come in a variety of mixes to help you reach your goals from health to weight loss. The Ensure line of products come in the flavors of dark chocolate, milk chocolate, vanilla, strawberries and cream, butter pecan, and coffee latte. They can be meal replacements or a snack, and can be found at most grocery stores, drug stores, and also online. They come most often in single bottles, 6 packs, 12 packs, or 32 oz. bottles. There is information on the website about how health conditions such as diabetes, cancer, bone health, and surgery can be affected and helped by the different Ensure consumables. There are even recipes for utilizing Ensure other than simply drinking the shakes.

Directly on the Ensure website, you can find Coupons and Promotions. You can receive such Ensure coupons as getting a free sample, or take their 24 day challenge promotion where you receive a free Ensure six-pack with the purchase of three six-packs. With the 24 day challenge, you can also answer a few questions and receive not only nutritional tips, but also receive coupons by mail. Coupons for Ensure are also often included in Valpak coupons or in the receipts at checkout in a supermarket. Many times these include $1-$2 off a 6 pack of Ensure. You can also visit internetdrugcoupons.com to find Ensure Printable Coupons for $1.85 off Ensure and $1.25 off of Ensure. Many grocery store coupon sites have Ensure coupons available and you can also search through Ebay for coupons up to $3 off of Ensure.