Dunkin Donuts is the largest and most famous coffee and baked goods chain in the world. In 1950, Bill Rosenberg opened the first Dunkin Donuts in Quincy, Massachusetts and quickly expanded by opening many franchises soon after. There are now well over 8,000 Dunkin Donuts locations worldwide that serve over 3 billion people a day! What was once only coffee and donuts has expanded to signature drinks like white hot chocolate and vanilla chai, as well as flatbread sandwiches and even personal-size pizzas. Perhaps because the first Dunkin Donuts opened in Massachusetts, many New Englanders prefer this store to any other coffee shop and have remained loyal for years.

Dunkin Donuts has quality baked goods and sandwiches, premium coffee, and delicious frozen drinks while still remaining an inexpensive place to eat. While Dunkin Donuts is already very reasonably priced, with value meal combinations and generously sized baked goods, the savings is even greater with coupons. There are several ways to acquire coupons for Dunkin Donuts, including the newspaper, internet, and the store itself. While the newspaper and internet can be hit-or-miss, there are often great ways to save with coupons if you visit one of their locations.

The Sunday newspaper’s coupon circular often has a page of coupons for Dunkin Donuts customers. The coupons can range from $1.00 off a medium or larger coffee to an offer for a 49-cent donut. While the savings are excellent, the coupons tend to expire by the end of the month you receive them, so use them quickly. The newspaper coupons are not in the circulars every week, though, so it may be worth it to check online for coupons if you want to use one for your next visit.

On the store’s website, www.dunkindonuts.com, there are a number of promotions running at any given time. While there may not always be coupons, there are often promotions that offer discounts to military veterans, money off each gallon of gas you buy when you use your Dunkin Donuts registered card, and contests to win free coffee for a year. There is another promotion where you can register your Dunkin Donuts card online and get an extra $2 when you refill the card with more money. That is an extra coffee, donut, or muffin just for registering the card! Checking the website for new promotions can mean more money in your pocket.

A great way to get coupons is by visiting a Dunkin Donuts and making a purchase. They will often run promotions where there is a survey at the bottom of each receipt. After you complete the survey online, you can print out a coupon to use on your next visit. Also, during the holiday season, Dunkin Donuts gives away calendars for the following year. Printed on each month on the calendar are two coupons. They vary, but are often $1 off a certain item, 49-cent donuts, or buy-one-get-one coupons. This is a great way to save with coupons all year long at Dunkin Donuts!